Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Facts About DS3 Bandwidth

What is DS3 Bandwidth?

DS3 is a Telecom term for "Digital System 3" .... which represents a 45MB circuit that is carried by 4 copper wires (or via fiber and converted back to copper at the customer site) .... and can support a wide range of services to include voice, data, and video. Through multiplexing, this single DS3 network can carry a combination of many types of services into a single circuit, reducing monthly access costs.

How and Where DS3s are Used?

The DS3's bandwidth is very large. Being a high capacity circuit, a DS3 is typically used by Telephone companies and large business users that require more than a DS1 (T1 or 1.544Mb) of connectivity. In terms of capacity, a DS3 is equal to 28 DS1s (T1s) of capacity. Due to equipment multiplexing limitations, most business users that need more than a few T1s of capacity opt for the next "level" of service as a DS3, because access costs on NxT1 vs. a DS3 will typically break-even at about 4 T1s (6mb). Once the DS3 facility is leased, adding T1 capacity requires very little lead-time, and no additional monthly cost for the access facility.

What Are The Common Names / Muxing Levels For DSx Bandwidth?

* DS0 = Digital Service Level 0 (64kb)
* DS1 = T1 = Digital Service Level 1 (1.544mb) = 24 DS0s
* DS3 = T3 = Digital Service Level 3 (45mb) = 28 DS1s or 672 DS0s

What Are Typical DS3 Bandwidth Applications?

DS0s are typically used as voice-level or dial-up data channels. DS1s are typically used as either private point-to-point circuits between facilities, or more typically, access from a business to either their local or long distance provider. DS3s are typically used where more than one DS1 is needed for capacity. While a DS3 might be deployed for capacity reasons, not all DS1s must be activated, so if a company needs 6MB of capacity, a typical installation might have a DS3 established for "access" and only 4 DS1s "activated" on the DS3 facility.

If you're still a bit confused ... and are unsure whether a T1 line or DS3 circuit is the best soluion for your network application(s) .... make it easy on yourself and use the NO COST help offered by DS3 Bandwidth.

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