Monday, June 29, 2009

Ethernet Over Copper .... Background Information

Unless specifically brought into a conversation about a network solution ..... ethernet over copper (EOC) usually isn't discussed openly. Why I don't know. Industry standards suggest use of copper for Switch to station and fiber for backbones. In addition EOC would be sought for POE applications in support of Wireless nodes and VOIP connections using the TIA-568B standard. Fiber would be a better solution for long hauls and where there is need to plan for EMI though Cat 6S has served me well in all my industrial installations.

For future flexibility Ethernet over Fiber is advised. If you are aware of this and want to save money in the short run Ethernet over Copper might be a good alternative.

For more insights, you may check some resources such as:

* Ethernet over copper for broadband .....

Network World

It's not for networking architecture but for storage architecture. They have good points for Ethernet 10Gbits/s.

* Ethernet over copper cabling promises to lower costs for high-bandwidth storage ....

Computer World

Computerworld - Just when it looks like Fibre Channel is the clear choice for high-bandwidth networked storage, trusty old Ethernet gets a performance boost that makes iSCSI a viable competitor when it comes to sheer data-transfer speed.

The latest IEEE specification for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (802.3an, if you're keeping track), also known as the 10Gbase-T standard for unshielded twisted-pair Category 6 copper cabling, is expected to be ratified this summer.

The above gives you some basics to include in any discussion of a network solution ... in case Ethernet Over Copper (EOC) makes sense as part of the possibilities.

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