Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What Is Expected Of A Green-Minded CIO?

I'm going to give a humorous response for this question. If it offends anyone .... so be it. There are plenty of serious "answers" available by simply Googling the subject. There's also no "one" approach to going green for a business. The general approach really involves common sense actions which implement energy conservation and address reducing environmental impact of business activities.

Now for the humor ....

First, the aesthetic. Men should grow a beard to start. Next, purchase and drive a hybrid vehicle conspicuosly. Eat only organic foods, again, conspicuously. Wear hemp clothing instead of those Brooks Brothers suits. Pat yourself on the back for all you've done for the environment.

Next, the mechanics. The green corporate ethos can be further proclaimed by championing projects that team with alternative energy providers and University R/D. Exploit these token examples of greenness in the media and your company's In The News section. Secure celebrity endorsement from Ed Bagely, Jr. to widen viewership.

The real trick is to surruptitiously outsource all IT directives offshore to unregulated developing nations to circumvent high cost environmental regulations. Don't kid yourself, "green business" is a farce unless you are a manufacturer, international industry regulatory body, or an advanced R/D organization. Other than that, try to use vendors who aren't doing what I mentioned above.

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Anonymous Nancy Solt said...

Michael, Love the humor! You described our CIO to a "T". I sent the comment on to him, he also loved it! Nicely done.

5:24 PM  

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