Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Features Would Like To See In The iPhone V.3?

Oh boy, there are lots of things the new iPhone should have, like the following:

- full Bluetooth connectivity, so you could pair it with a pair of stereo headphones

- 7.2 Mbps HSDPA connectivity

- A better camera (with flash, video shooting, etc)

- Voice dialing

- A GPS and better maps (In many countries Google maps are terrible. If Apple could make the iPhone work with Mio or iGo software applications, that would be great)

- Copy/paste function

- Better sync options

- QWERTY keyboard would be nice too

And all these without making the device too heavy or too bulky :)

I'd also like to see Apple consider the following .....

- To make the device much more useful to the Enterprise/Business User.

- The key issue is that as a consumer device its primary function is as a information display device.

- Enterprise users need text entry as a much higher order capability than the touchscreen keypad allows.

- Put simply a keyboard that you can use for 10's of minutes at a time to write useful e-mails or make comprehensive notes during a meeting. Voice to text does not solve this requirement, voice is not confidential enough for the business environment most of the time.

I'm sure some of these functions will be included in the new device, but most of them will only be available in a perhaps 4th edition.

Anyway, the iPhone is a pretty cool gadget. But if you're looking for a proper business phone ..... there will always be better choices on the market.

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