Friday, May 22, 2009

Review .... Free Direct TV DVR and Free Installation

Let's be very honest here ... we are an entertainment focused society. We LOVE our TV programs .... sports, movies, music, reality shows, sitcoms, etc. This is the prefered entertainment of choice for millions of households in the US .... particularly since it's cheaper than the alternatives such as a night out at the movies. With this in mind the best value with the most choice is satellite TV. Particlualrly when HDTV is part of the package.

This goes beyond household entertainment too. Sports bars and restaurants thrive by employing satellite TV systems .... as do many school systems (for learning programs of course).

Here's a review I ran across of just one of the many specials available for those who are interested in Satellite TV. Particularly through Direct TV. I found it quite impressive and much better than I expected.

We Got a Direct TV Deal in Four Rooms - FREE!!

We had been hearing a lot about Direct TV and their offer to install satellite TV service in one to four rooms for free. Since we are a large family with a wide variety of different tastes, we decided to give it a try. Of course, the offer seemed to good to be true, because these days you can rarely find a true free offer. Usually there are some strings attached, and you end up paying in some way. However, we were delightfully surprised to find that with the installation offer from DirecTV, this was not the case. It really was free!

The DirecTV installer who came to our home was friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Even our family dogs liked him! We told him which rooms we wanted DirecTV installed in: the living room, the upstairs den, the basement, and our teenage daughter’s bedroom, and he went right to work. It seemed as though he had all the equipment installed in no time. Then he took the time to explain how our new Direct TV DVR equipment would work, and showed us how the position of the satellite would affect our reception, along with how we could adjust the satellite if the picture was not clear. The installation was altogether a pleasant and painless event, and we didn’t have to wait long to start using our DirecTV service.

Now, we can tune in to a variety of different channels, and there is no more fighting over which station the television should be on! Our twin boys can watch cartoons in the basement without trying to pry their younger sister away from watching Sesame Street, which she can do any time in the living room. My husband loves being able to watch sports in the upstairs den any time he wants. Our teenage daughter can have friends over and watch scary movies in private without worry over “the little ones” interrupting them. Best of all, after the youngest is tucked in for the night, I can settle in to watch the movies and shows I enjoy without anyone asking whether we have to watch “this girlie movie.” Getting Direct TV installed in four different rooms has been wonderful for our family—and we can still all get together to watch the latest new releases or our favorite sitcoms from time to time!

When we received the first bill, it was just as DirecTV said it would be: only $29.90 for the month, with no hidden installation, service, or equipment charges. It was so refreshing to find someone who actually delivered the free service they promised! Now we are all enjoying our four-room DirecTV satellite TV service, with no more fighting over who gets to control the remote.


Here's more about Direct TV that I found out .....

* NO equipment to buy
* NO start up costs
* 99.96% reliability. DIRECTV delivers a digital picture 99.96% of the time, rain or shine. That's better than DISH or cable.
* #1 in Customer Satisfaction for 7 straight years, according to 2007 American Customer Satisfaction Index, University of Michigan Business School

16 Million people can't be wrong!

For anyone interested in learning more about what is available through Direct TV .... and getting a great deal for yourself .... here's a link for more information:

Direct TV Special Deals


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