Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Part II .... What Are The Pros And Cons Of T1, DS3, OC3, And Ethernet Bandwidth Solutions For Voice/Data Networks?

This is part 2 of a 3 part series that will hopefully help guide you to making better decisions on bandwidth solutions (T1, DS3, OC3, And Ethernet) for your voice/data network. Read closely and soak up every tidbit from all three parts.


Some carry more bandwidth and are more expensive .... and others carry less bandwidth and are less expensive.

However, this is probably asking the wrong question because service level agreements will define your experience and cost as much as the carrier technology.

For example .... some agreements allow for very high latency and this would make conferencing and voip insufferable, no matter the bandwidth. Others allow the service to degrade under certain circumstances. Others provide for uptime guarantees or the lack of them. Symmetric or asymmetric service may be to your liking or not depending on what you do.

All these and more service level terms apply to all the types that are mentioned. Ultimately you want or need a certain bandwidth either in bursts or continuous and you will make your contract accordingly. It really doesn't matter whether they use OC3 bandwidth or Applesauce to meet the agreement.

As with all things, decide what you want, what you need, and then go shopping.

For help with your shopping .... take advantage of the free assistance available from DS3 Bandwith

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