Friday, May 29, 2009

If You Could Ask The Inventor Of The Internet A Question - What Would It Be?

Vint Cerf, currently Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, is widely known as "the father of the Internet". Together with with his colleague, Bob Kahn, he was responsible in the late 1970’s for developing the architecture & core TCP/IP protocols that underpin today’s Internet.

Vint is also responsible for the development of IPV6, the new Internet Protocol that will provide enough unique IP addresses for every device on the planet to be connected to the ‘net.

And if this wasn’t enough - he’s is also on the Board of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory - where he’s working on data compression algorithms for the Mars Mission, as part his NEXT big project: the Interplanetary Internet.

My friend Stan Relihan is honored to count Vint as one of his 1st-degree LinkedIn connections - and proud to have had Vin as a featured Guest on Stan's Podcast, "The Connections Show".

Stan collected questions for Vint from a cross section of the Linked-In community. He than included those in his interview of Vint for "The Connections Show".

To listen to Stan's interview with Vint go to The Connections Show

To learn more about Vint Cerf go to his Linked-In profile here: Vint Cerf On LinkedIn

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Blogger vint said...

I appreciate this blog - I want to correct a couple of misunderstandings however. I was not responsible for the development of IPv6 - many others in the Internet Community who work in the Internet Engineering Task Force developed this new standard during the early and mid-1990s. I am a big proponent of its use, of course.

I am on the advisory board of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory but not on its governing board. JPL is an activity of California Institute of Technology (CalTech). My work at JPL, with a team of engineers, is not on compression but on protocols suitable for use over the vast distances and frequently disrupted communications channels of interplanetary space.

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