Friday, April 24, 2009

Monitored Home Security System .... Who Should You Choose?

No matter how you look at it we just aren't as safe today .... especially at home .... as our parents generation was. For example my community has suffered an uptick in home break-in's over the last few months. No real reason ... it's just happening. We aren't exactly a high risk crime area either ... so it's a bit puzzling.

With all of that going on I decided to see what I could dig up and recommend to the Broadband Nation for a monitored home security system ... techie based of course. There's plenty out there with video surveillance software and other neat gadgetry ... but I wanted to find something that was as simple as possible, cost effective, and had great support backing it up.

So .......

Why Choose ADT for Your Home Security System Monitoring?

First ... the system itself is free. All of it. All you pay for is the service itself. That's a huge savings over most of the other security providers available to you.

Here's some more reasons I feel that ADT is your best choice if your looking for a home security system .........

* 131 Years of Experience - ADT Security Services is the largest single provider of electronic security services to more than six million commercial, government and residential customers throughout North America, and has been helping to protect homes for the past 131 years.

* 24-Hour Monitoring - ADT maintains a full network of interconnected customer monitoring centers throughout the country, to help protect your home and family. ADT can notify both you and the police department, so that your home can be protected whether you're there or not.

* Ease of Use - Wireless keychain remote access enables you to arm/disarm your ADT monitored home security system from anywhere in the home.

* Multi-layer Protection - ADT provides 24-hour alarm monitoring for burglary, as well as the option to monitor your home for fire/smoke, carbon monoxide, and other home emergencies.

* Lower Your Insurance Cost - ADT may save you up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance.

For more information go to: Home Security

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