Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Difference Between Co-Location And Dedicated Hosting

If you have outgrown your current virtual Web hosting account and you want greater control over your Web site, you may want to consider co-located or dedicated server services. Both provide greater control and flexability but there are differences as well.

The primary difference between co-located or dedicated server services is that with co-location, you provide the hardware and the Web Host provides the facility, bandwidth, etc. With a dedicated server you lease or rent the hardware that is owned by the Web Host.

If you have an existing machine that will serve the needs of your Web site, then it may be most cost effective. The cost invloved are usually $100-$500 per month, depending on the facility and bandwidth used. Leasing a dedicated server is usually more expensive than co-location but you receive the full package including hardware, software, bandwith, etc. Leasing also allows you to easily upgrade as your Web server needs change. Costs vary widely but usually start at around $200 per month and can easily reach into thousands of dollars per month.

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