Monday, March 02, 2009

More On IPhone Compared To Blackberry

Comparing Iphone to Blackberry is just like comparing Mercedes E class with Lincoln Towncar. The BB tried to imitate some goodies from the Iphone, but basically they remained with their Typical bulky looks. Here I am referring to Blackberry Storm or Blackberry Bold. Everyone has their own ppersonal perception on differences.

Iphone Pros .....

- Sleek design and sexy looks.
- Excellent user interface.
- Excellent stability for most of the applications.
- The presence of lots of useful applications from the applications store is icing.
- If you are a Mac Programmer, you can make an application for your very own needs due to the availability of the excellent SDK.
- Easily the best to device to hit the market since.....well, BlackBerry. I love the screen size, the applications, ease of use, safari browser, its iconic status, push email etc etc

Iphone Cons ....

- Not yet great for enterprise use.
- Not as sturdy as the Blackberry and needs to be used delicately.
- Lacks the keyboards, which makes it really difficult to mail etc.
- Lacks Video recording.
- Lacks MMS, but this limitation is overcome as you have excellent browsing and mailing options.
- Can't forward SMS and a real struggle to get MMS. Another downside is you can't have multiple (non apple) apps running simultaneously which is a drawback if you want a decent sat nav application and then run something else!
- Batterly life is a bit poor but this is probably becuase the thing is so damn irresistable, that the screen is on most of the day!

Since I am comparing Iphone with BB, the pros in Iphone are more like Cons in BB and vice versa.

Generally for the Bold - A real bruiser of a device and easier to compose emails than the iphone. When you whip out a Blackberry, it says "this guy is all business" where as the iphone says "this guy is fun". Most folks use any functionality other than email, calendar and contacts but thats always the way with a Blackberry - they just work!

It really boils down to the features that are critical to you. For eg, SMS usability, MMS, enterprise application integration, Flash, etc.

Both Apple and RIM are trying to reach beyond their usual demographic market which is only natural in this economy. The iPhone is a clever leisure gadget trying to make its way into the corporate world. The Bb Storm comes from a no nonsense family of reliable corporate communications where it has cornered the market.

Both have great features with minor drawbacks, however, its only a matter of time before both phones evolve to where the technical comparison is near comparable.

The only thing that will separate the two phones is clever marketing, cult followers, and consumer perceptions. Ask yourself if you'd rather close an important business deal with someone who carried an iPhone or Blackberry.

The questions you'll need to ask is which phone would you want to be seen with by business associates? By friends? Which phone would be your preference because both, in time, will get the job done just the same.

For a more scientific approach I suggest that you list your requirements, and then prioritize or rank them. Then you can assess the features of iPhone vs Blackberry and score them. Finally, add up the score in the features list and you have your winner....

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Anonymous Mark Jarez said...

I just bought an iPhone after having a Blackberry for years, the iPhone rocks!.....
I also just bought a puzzle game called JigSee which is great for keeping the kids busy in the takes a picture from the iPhone camera and turns it into a jigsaw puzzle game...

7:42 PM  

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