Friday, March 06, 2009

How To Accomplish WiMax Backhaul

What is the standard way of backhauling WiMAX, specially IEEE 802.16e?

The answer will depend on the type of WiMAX network operator and what network assets it has access to, e.g. fibre, radio, microwave, ethernet, etc.

However it is likely that most all WiMAX operators will need large (compared to 3G operators) bandwidth to each base station, typically in the order of 100 to 300Mbps. Therefore, from a BTS most all operators will use microwave to the next level, where upon it will disappear into fibre. Most backhaul suppliers can do a minimum of 50Mbps in unlicensed 5.8 rising through 100 to 1Gbps FDX at 18 or 24 GHz. Many operators are also investigating using 28Ghz (and possibly 32 & 40GHz) point to multi-point for short haul backhaul.

In all cases it will be ethernet/IP. For 802.16e networks you also have to consider the profile being used (B or C) and where the ASN is located and the routing of all traffic through the ASN. The latter can be typically located at a fibre POP assuming several BTSs have been backhauled to that location and your traffic profile is architected that way.

That may sound a bit overwhelming ... so if you would like no cost assistance to find the best solution for any given location in the world (including the most cost effective) .... submit a request for support through WiMax Backhaul.

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