Monday, February 09, 2009

What Is The Best Teleconference Service?

I never bash another competitor and wouldn't do so here, but there are downsides to using a free service. The first and most obvious reason is that they're always a long distance toll call for participants. For higher attendance to your event, toll-free is always going to be appreciated by your participants. So toll free is the way to go.

Another limit on "free" services is that there is a chance some of your callers might get a busy signal, or locked out. A risk you have to take. For recording, it seems to work well, but it is only 1 recording at a time. If these are factors that don't impact your business, then a "free" service might be the best way for you to go. But you are taking a huge risk .... likely NOT risks you want to take if you want to remain in business.

As for pay services, the things to look for (outside of price) is quality and service. You want crystal clear transmission without drops. You also want personalized service. As in a dedicated account manager. So if there is anything needed, you can always get a hold of whoever your manager would be. The same person you deal with instead of 1 of 1000 people. New services or access codes, technical problems, scheduling operator assisted calls, help with recording or any training, all run through your account manager.

With the above considered, I'm partial to AccuConference as I've a number of friends and clients who use it .... and are very pleased. Feature rich, cost effective, and great support. Covers video and audioconferencing.

More more information visit: AccuConference

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