Friday, February 13, 2009

Compare Google's G1 Android Phone vs Apple's iPhone

Disclaimer: I don't own either phone. I have friends that own each and have used theirs and asked them questions about their experiences.

My take on the current situation is that Google has done a tremendous job of putting together a platform for mobile development. The phone itself (the G1) strikes me as a slapped-together "we need to get a physical product to market" that demonstrates the power of the platform. I'm excited to see what other phone-makers will do with the platform, but for now, the G1 is a bit clunky and awkward.

The iPhone, on the other hand, seems to have taken another approach. The goal was to produce a phone that was absolutely slick and changed the way people used their mobile devices. They have an SDK, but I think a lot of talented developers will be hesitant to invest development time onto the platform while there's no guarantee their software will even make it onto a phone (since it has to be "blessed" by Apple via their store first). I wonder why a corporation would invest money at all in writing software for the iPhone without a prior written agreement with Apple approving the model.

As for features I'd like to see:

On the G1:
a) multiple browser windows;
b) a less awkward form-factor;
c) a little more horse-power;
d) more android-based phones (greater selection)

One the iPhone:
a) a more open development model

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