Monday, January 04, 2010

Free Quotes & Special Pricing On MPLS, PRI, SIP, Ethernet, T1, & DS3 Bandwidth Solutions

We've added more special low price packages for MPLS, SIP, Metro Ethernet (GigE etc.), T1 (all flavors), DS3 (fractional, full, and bonded), OC3, and OC48 bandwidth solutions from multiple providers (over 30 Top Tier sources).

Simply identify your requirements and installation location(s) ..... providing the details here .....

Bandwidth Solution

[note: Please provide COMPLETE, detailed, and accurate information. Incomplete or bogus RFQs will be ignored.]

At a minimum the providers covered will include: ACC Business, Aire Spring, AT&T, Broad Sky Networks, Covad, Level 3, Megapath, New Edge Networks, Network Innovations, Nuvox Communications, One Communications, Power Net Global, Qwest, Splice Communications, TelePacific Communications, Telenes Broadband, Time Warner, UCN, US LEC, and XO. Others will be included depending on your needed location(s) and your intended/required application(s).

We'll provide a preliminary assessment via email immediately. Then follow-up with more in-depth detail and special pricing.

We'll be in immediate contact to discuss the details, help determine exact application parameters and needs, suggest best fit solution, confirm the best pricing available, and assist with the acquisition process.

We'll negotiate on your behalf, ensure the best SLA (Service Level Agreement) and QOS (Quality of Service), do the paperwork, monitor provisioning and installation, and even run interference for you with your chosen provider for the life of the contract.

We guarantee you won't get a better price going to the provider directly yourself.

By the way .... our service is NO COST to you.

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