Monday, December 29, 2008

VoIP Phone Services ..... Resource To Compare Providers And Plans

VoIP phone service (also called Broadband Phone) is the fastest growing Telecom service after cell phones in the market today.

With all the choices available .... for both provider and plans .... the task of finding the right VoIP phone service for you can be confusing at best. To make that task easier I suggest using the comparison tools and listings available at FreedomFire Communications.

You'll find a list of selected top providers including full description of services, features, pricing packages, and special offers. Part of the information available includes access to the providers actual company website. Everything you need to make an educated choice is right there for you.

Also available to you is a "Best Rate Calculator" to see just how these providers stack up compared to what you use now (land line or broadband phone) ..... with actual calcualtions using your specific use patterns and needs.

You can even order a plan you like right from this website .... price, security, and service guaranteed.

To take advantage of this amazing resource simply visit this website: VoIP Phone Services

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