Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review Of Cricket Wireless .... Cell Phone Provider

Cricket Wireless is a regional cell phone service provider that is expanding its market in many states throughout the US, and provides cell phone users an alternative to providers that require lengthy contracts. Cricket Wireless is a pay-as-you-go alternative that provides unlimited talk, pictures, text, and data with their premium plan.

Although Cricket is regional, customers can purchase additional roaming minutes for times when they are not in a Cricket service area. This can be beneficial, yet confusing for the average cell phone user to say the least.

Over the holiday weekend, this reviewer left Austin, TX to head to the southernmost tip of Texas for familial obligations. As I had just recently switched over to Cricket for its flexibility, I thought I would see how this phone worked on the 300-plus mile journey.

Since my plan is based out of the San Antonio and Austin area, I had impeccable service for the first hour and a half of the trip. After leaving the greater San Antonio area, however, I noticed that I was on digital roam. This, of course, was to be expected.

Knowing that I had purchased 200 roaming minutes as part of my plan, I didn’t think too much of this, because I knew Cricket was available in my destination town of McAllen, TX. Little did I know that I would be roaming the entire trip.

Day one in McAllen consisted of a flurry of phone calls to arrange meetings between friends and family. Receiving phone calls was no problem, but each time I dialed out, I was greeted with a message that told me to wait while my call was being made through Cricket’s Nationwide Roaming Service.

This wouldn’t have been so bad, had I not been passing a Cricket store at the time. I don’t understand how I can be roaming, all while being within a Cricket service area. Needless to say, I spent the holiday weekend with sketchy service at best and didn’t receive several voice mails until I returned to Austin.

In all, I was quite dissatisfied with the service provided by Cricket, and it feels as though this is just another example of how a cellular provider has figured out a way to charge people for something they have seemingly already paid for. The service is decent when at home, but not the least bit road worthy.

This post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of dial up internet deals. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com.

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