Monday, December 01, 2008

Is T1 And DS3 Bandwidth Pricing Going Down??

With the current state of the economy does anyone foresee the prices on T1 and DS3 bandwidth coming down any more?

Short answer .... maybe.

Relative to pricing trends, there really are two markets for T1 and DS3 bandwidth services: inside or outside of certain carriers' footprints.

For example ..... if you're within those service areas, then you can get obscenely inexpensive internet T1s, sometimes less than $300/month. If you're outside their service areas, then you'll be at least $500/month for T1 Bandwidth.

Will these prices come down anymore? They might ... and they might not. T1 and DS3 prices have already dropped significantly the past few years. Hard to tell if they'll drop any more ... or by how much if they do.

The best course of action .... if you are looking for T1 or DS3 bandwidth ... is to use the free services of a broker such as this one: DS3 Bandwidth

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