Friday, November 28, 2008

When Is Private Port The Best Choice?

Private Port is a Marketing term for Qwest, if you are selling Qwest MPLS you are selling Private Port. Each Carrier might call it something different.

The reason for the confusion is Qwest has 2 MPLS options, Private and Enhanced. The difference is Enhanced is a Private Port MPLS circuit with a Secure Internet Gateway. This allows the customer to use the same local loop for both Private MPLS with Quality of Service, and will allow Internet traffic over the same loop. Example, if the customer's IP traffic is destined for a location on the customer private WAN, the router will forward the IP packet over the Qwest MPLS network, if customer's IP traffic is destined for the public internet, customer's pre-defined NAT polices and Firewall rule set will be enforced and allow that traffic over the public Internet using the same local loop.

I would suggest Private Port in most instances unless the customer needed distributed Internet access at each site and did not want to install a seperate local loop.

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