Friday, October 03, 2008

Voice and Data Network .... How To Find The Best Price

For high speed internet access, voice (SIP, LD, Local, VoIP, POTS), integrated access (voice, data, PRI), multi-site networks (MPLS, VPN, WAN, P2P), and network services (firewall, colocation) ... your business can find the right solution for your network infrastructure AND save on cost using the free services found here:

Business Bandwidth Solution

Please note:

* Business only
* No residential

This service covers all flavors of voice and data network needs for any size business .... from T1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, VoIP, and Metro Ethernet (GigE etc.) based bandwidth solutions .... including SIP, LD, Local, VoIP/Broadband Phone, POTS, PRI, MPLS, VPN, P2P, integrated voice/data, WAN, and more.

Whatever your application(s) and network infrastructure design needs .... you'll find the most cost effective bandwidth solution comparing multiple providers available in your specific location(s).

Simply identify your requirements and installation location(s)......providing the details here:

Voice and Data Network

[note: Please provide complete, detailed, and accurate information. Incomplete or bogus RFQs will be ignored. In other words .... no response or support if you're not serious.]

You'll receive a preliminary assessment with rate quotes via email immediately after entering your information. Then, more in-depth detail as follow-up soon after that.

The service includes help determining your exact application parameters and needs, confirmation of the best pricing available, and assistance with the acquisition process. They'll negotiate on your behalf, ensure the best SLA (Service Level Agreement) and QOS (Quality of Service), do the paperwork, monitor provisioning and installation, and even run interference for you with your chosen provider for the life of the contract.

Plus remember .... this service is NO cost to you.

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