Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is MPLS A Good Choice For Your Voice/Data Network?

MPLS over copper is nothing more than a "cloud" network where you're two or so hops away from your neighbors and your connections are controlled by the ISP. The premise is a more cost effective approach of tying together multiple locations usually via a T1 or maybe DS3 backbone. It's actually more of a VLAN approach than a VPN.

A better option that is coming in the near future is taking part in a Fiber MAN, which any local/regional fiber provider can give. Multiple locations in the same geographic region will be able to take part in a Fiber MAN and simply scale their bandwidth up and down according to each location's needs. This gives a secure, scalable high-speed connection with a minimum of configuration.

However, in most cases MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) is a good choice for a multi-location business network. The cost efficiency itself over other alternatives makes it very attractive. Plus .... MPLS is already available most everywhere. While other potential alternatives are generally geographically limited.

For help in defining the best MPLS design for your applications .... and finding the most cost effective provider source .... take advantage of the free services here: MPLS Solution


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