Monday, October 20, 2008

Business VoIP .... Should YOU Like It?

There are several things to like about VoIP for businesses. VoIP enables a company to have remote employees be an extension off the company's system whether they are at home, on a customer site or working off a Wi-Fi at the local coffee shop. One touch transfers from the operator; direct in dial numbers right to a laptop, and access to all of the company's resources from anywhere you have a high-speed internet connection.

VoIP can also be used to network multiple offices together to act as one. The benefits are; centralized operator, the ability to transfer calls to any phone at any office, and being able to utilize local calling areas.

There are also things that need to be understood when implementing VoIP system for a business. Benchmarks need to be set. A detailed needs analysis has to be performed in order to provide a system that meets a customer's expectation. For instance, what type of call quality is expected between the main office and a remote location? What type of calls are being made or answered by a remote office? How many calls occur in a day, or a week? These are all questions that need to be answered to determine the type of network connection that will be required to give a company the voice quality they desire. You can have excellent call quality with VoIP as long as the proper infrastructure is in place. However, that comes with a cost. A dedicated point-to-point T-1 gives much better call quality than an internet DSL line.

In the end .... the decision is entirely yours. Choose wisely. Plus plan accordingly.

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