Monday, September 29, 2008

What's In The Future For Nokia Smart Phones??

What can you except from Nokia smart phones in the future? For that matter, who are smart alternatives to Nokia given what you can expect from them?

Nokia is allegedly known for releasing OSes for new models that are not too great. For smart phones I've learned to wait for the first patch before I purchase a new model. Still, they're continuously bringing out boutique phones like the 8800 and the infamous fashion 7300 range.

In terms of business, Blackberry lead for an all in one office/out on the road tool and Nokia have dabbled their feet with the E7 range. On the lower end phones, Nokia have consistency and are the phone of choice for PAYG. Their low end phones are reliable and does what it says on the tin. For media, Sony rules no doubt. Their walkman mp3 player models are by far the best with sound quality and recording.

Where they lack is in the rich media and where mp3 meets phone area. With Apple's iphone in the mix this year and with a Apple moving into converging music, telephony and OS - if they bring down the cost of the phone models and work across networks herein lies their greatest threat.

There's plenty of development for applications for the i-phone as well as viral marketing. Nokia had sealed up their phones and it's a bit of a bugger installing anything on them. They lack customisation. The most viral thing that went around to my knowledge was the crazy frog video before it went super commercial!

Sony's OS is customisable but you run the risk of turning it into a brick if you loose connection during the firm-ware changes.

Bottom line, Apple's move and it's promise to add some mobile functionality to it's mp3 range proves the biggest threat to Nokia .... along with gimmick phones from Motorola's Razr. Apple's favour with having a sole network to market causes fear amongst the network providers as it does the manufacturers.

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