Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who Is Telarus .... And How Can You Get A Piece Of The Pie??

You might have heard of Telarus .... the top award winning telecom Master Agency according to the Telecom Association. And if not, you should have.

Telarus is a hybrid of three essential components for tomorrow’s telecom sales company. These three components are: a master agent who supports vendor contracts, a telecom pricing and management software product firm, and internet marketing/lead generation. Telarus leverages the combination of all three disciplines to provide its agents with warm service leads, real-time quotes and proposals, individual agent support, integrated CRM, not to mention commissions in line with other master agencies. Telarus’ core product is value.

Likewise, Telarus holds a United States patent for real-time T1 price quoting, which it shares liberally with its agents who generate proposals in under 10 seconds. Not only do Telarus agents have access to pricing, they can also see their exact commission from each carrier right on the quote, allowing them to balance customer needs versus their own compensation. Likewise, all of the paperwork required for each vendor is listed on the quote itself, taking the guesswork out of completing orders.

Telarus hosts weekly training calls with its “Closer” agents, monthly calls with its “Lead Generator” agents, and monthly calls with its growing network of over 2000 VARs. All calls are recorded and saved for agents who could not attend the training and for new agents who join after the fact.

Each agent has the ability to add Telarus’ patented GeoQuote pricing module to their own web site using a “GeoQuote XML Plug-in”, adding instant value to the web properties owned and managed by Telarus agents.

In 2006 Telarus created, a nationwide consortium of independent telephone equipment vendors and network integrators. Telarus agents .... and prospects seeking telecom hardware and/or service .... can enter their information to locate VARs in their local area. These equipment and repair leads have allowed our agents to supply their VAR partners with opportunities to sell their core products; often times earning the trust and reciprocation that eludes most telecom agents today.

Lastly, Telarus is the author of, a private-label-capable back office web site that other Master Agents can use to run real-time quotes, set up and support subagent profiles, manage commission payments, and to provide access to the VAR Network to their own agents. In February 2007 Telarus was awarded the MVP and X-Factor awards from XO for posting the largest year-over-year sales growth (in percentage) of any master agency in addition be being named Level3 top agent for 2006. Telarus also boosts another winning streak, being named platinum partner by ACC Business and NewEdge Communications for the third consecutive year.

Creating technology that enables people to build strong and meaningful relationships is the essence of Telarus.

If you are interested in a Master Agent or VAR relationship with Telarus .... you can learn more and register via this website: Become A Telarus Partner or Marketing Broadband Lines


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