Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Satellite Internet .... What Kind Of Performance Can You Expect?

Honestly ... performance will vary. Mostly by location and certainly by weather. Due to both you may have a problem with the quality of the satellite link. For example with VoIP services, you simply cant use them because data transfer latency is too high.

If you have satellite you can check performance by taking a close look at ping statistics. Run a few tests at the same time of day for a few days .... and compare them. With ping test you want to see if at least you get a steady response. For bandwidth tests a good tool is

If the quality is poor, there might be a slight offset between transmitter and receiver. Is there a way which allows you to check if the reception signal is what it is supposed to be? Any trees/leaves in front of the dish? Bad weather conditions? Damaged dish? The environment plays a part in performance also.

If you are looking for a high speed internet solution .... particularly if you are in a rural area ... this portal will search and compare DSL, Cable, and Satellite availabilty, cost, and features by location: High Speed Internet

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