Monday, August 04, 2008

Apple iPhone Or Rim Blackberry (Any Model #) .... Which Would You Choose?

I can assure you that anyone that recommends something other than the iPhone hasn't used one. My smart phone techno-geek brother has had every conceivable Blackberry, Treo and various Windows Mobile devices .... and can categorically state that they are absolutely prehistoric by comparison.

While it is certainly true that the iPhone could stand some improvement (voice tags on address book entries, improved battery life, etc.) the ease of use factor is undeniable. Try to set up a 3-way call on the fly with any other phone, or merge two calls (one active, one on call waiting) with any other phone and you'll see what I mean. It's all a breeze with the iPhone.

Depending on how you structure your To-Do lists the iPhone may be problematic as it currently doesn't have one. This is certainly a temporary issue as Apple has released their software development kit (SDK) and someone will probably step up to the plate and build one to give away/sell in the App Store.

Oh, yes, the APP STORE! Tell me one other phone - including the Blackberry - that offers as wide a variety of free and paid applications for your phone, in one place, as easy to install, as the iPhone. It rocks and blows the pants off Palm-software sites of the past like MobileGearHQ and others. This is the way that apps SHOULD be delivered and sold for smart phones.

If you want Internet access you'll find no better solution than using the built-in browser (Safari) on the iPhone. Again, my brother can tell you that the differences between any WAP-centric browser and a "real" browser are quantum. He's enjoyed the ability to click links in emails, sync all of his bookmarks, and do real browsing on the iPhone. You won't get that same experience with a Blackberry or Treo by a long shot.

While the network that AT&T uses for the original iPhone (EDGE) is relatively slow .... it's plenty fast enough for email and for most web pages. The new version is vastly faster but there are trade-offs with battery life. For now my brother is keeping his original iPhone. Another advantage is that either version is dual-mode. So when you're within range of a WiFi hot spot that you can get onto (not the type that you have to register on using a web page, like Boingo or T-Mobile, but rather the type that you'd have in your home or office), you'll be surfing at speeds comparable to a laptop on a broadband connection.

There's a lot more that I can tell you about the iPhone - but probably the most powerful testimonial to choosing it over other "smart" phones is to use one. Once you see how simple it is to operate, how much more expandable it will be (post-SDK) than either the Blackberry or Treo, and how it changes the way you think a phone should work - because it works the way a phone should work - I believe you'll be as satisfied as my brother is with his.

Now if you insist on getting something other than an iPhone .... or simply want to look at what else is available for Smart Phones and compare .... I suggest using this free online portal:

Compare Smart Phones


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