Wednesday, July 23, 2008

MPLS Is The Future Of WAN Networks

What's hot right now in business WAN networks?

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) and Ethernet are smokin'. MPLS is not replacing the point-to-point line market (yet), but it is definitely taking a big share of the frame relay market. For example many carriers (including AT&T) are not even offering frame relay any more.

For those who don't know ... Multiprotocol Label Switching is a flexible, cost-effective wide area network solution for linking all of your locations via a secure and scalable network infrastructure.

The advantages of MPLS include:

Network Efficiency - Label based switching methods allow routers to make forwarding decisions based upon the contents of a simple label, rather than by performing a complex route lookup using the destination's IP address.

Traffic Engineering - The ability to set the path traffic will take through the network and the ability to set performance characteristics for a class of traffic (voice, video, email, internet traffic, etc.)

VPNs - Using MPLS, service providers can create IP tunnels throughout their network, without the need for encryption or end-user applications. In addition, MPLS is protected by carrier-based security. With VPNs, if one gets hacked your entire network is vulerable.
If you are researching costs of a MPLS network solution for your enterprise .... you're in luck.

You can leverage a vast archive of carrier quotes .... and find which carriers have the highest probability of being the best fit for any given multi-location MPLS project ..... by taking advantage of a free online quote system offered through Telarus. This valuable information will point you in the right direction every time, increasing the likelihood of maximizing your cost savings.

You can use either of these portals to get a free MPLS rate quote ... PLUS no cost assistance in determining the best network solution, as well as most cost effective vendor to meet your application requirements:

MPLS Quote

MPLS Network Solution

Vendors available through this MPLS quoting tool and bandwidth network solution process include MegaPath Networks, ACC Business, AT&T, Accel Networks, Cavalier, Level3, NewEdge Networks, Network Innovations, NuVox, One Communications, PAETEC, Telnes, TelePacific, TW Telecom, and XO.....with more to be added as they become available.

MPLS is not just the future of WAN networks ... it's the present. Utilize the above tool to move your business network to the cutting edge .... and save time, effort, and money in the process too.

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