Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Is The iPhone A Big Disappointment??

There are about a hundred reasons that you can conjure up as to why the iPhone might be a big disappointment, but none of them matter a whit once you start using one.

Yes, it's true - you may miss voice dialing, the battery life could be better, and there's no micro-recorder, which many folks used constantly on their other "smart" phones.

But the interface is elegant .... and makes you more productive than you can imagine until you begin using it. Simple things like adding someone to a call, or merging two calls when one has come in via call waiting, are as easy as a single tap on the screen.

The ability to have my _complete_ address book and calendar, instant access to REAL web sites, widgets for stocks, weather, easy-to-view text threads and terrific multi-account email overrides any small nits you might pick about other things.

Oh, yes, there's also that upgrade thing - on July 11 when the next version of the software comes out, your old iPhone becomes a new iPhone with a simple insertion into the dock. Does your Treo/Blackberry/Tilt/ (Name-Your-Smartphone-Here) do that? No, it doesn't.

So whine if you must, but at the end of the day, the iPhone isn't just a phone, it's a computer that makes phone calls and fits in your pocket, and puts every other phone product on the market to shame. Spend one day using one and you'll be hard-pressed to return to a Java/Symbian/ Motorola/Palm interface.

It's interesting the criticisms that come as soon as Apple launches a new and innovative products. Some developers contend that the iPhone was ANYTHING but a disappointment. Per the opinions of a few ... instead of focusing on Apple, let's take a look at the real disappointments:

- Why is it that Motorola cannot create anything that DOESN'T look like a Razr? Obviously that product has overstayed its welcome as Motorola is attempting to salvage its company.

- Why is it that Palm has only stayed afloat after it introduced Windows as its OS? Why is it that Palm is such an "11th hour" company (they don't really finish the product until its too late)? How many Palm devices were / could be described by saying, "Man, it's great except I wish they would have included 802.11 wifi."

Finally, if Apple's iPhone was such a disappointment, why is it that there are so many companies developing products that are pretty darn close to the iPhone? The iPhone was a major success, much to the dismay of Palm and Motorola.

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