Friday, July 04, 2008

How To Find Your Profits In Selling Commercial Telecom

The benefits of selling commercial telecom are easy to see..... long term residuals, income stability and predictability, increasing demand for broadband, and the most important point of all - you can only get this product exclusively through Commission River and Telarus Commercial Telecom.

T1 Lines - Our Bread and Butter

A T1 line is a dedicated high-speed internet connection that businesses use to connect to the internet. Many businesses are too big and rely on their connection too much to risk their future with a DSL line, so T1 is their only answer. Prices of T1 lines have come down from $1000 in 2001, to around $375 today. Using Telarus' Geoquote plug-in, you can add a Real-Time T1 Price Calculator to your site, or you can just link to, the main T1 shopping portal.


All leads that come to your site and generate a price quote will be assigned to a Telarus "closer", or an agent who has been trained the in art of commercial telecom sales. If the deal closes, you and the closer split all commissions (and bonus spiffs) 25%/75%. Likewise, if the customer ever adds services to their account at any time in the future, you will be compensated.

You can also generate leads "by hand" by actually finding prospects in the real-world who are interested in commercial broadband service and "hand entering" them into your back office lead entry page:

All leads you hand enter pay 50%/50% on both commission and bonuses, which is double what you earn on web leads. Telarus pays more for hand-entered leads because they have a higher rate of success than plain internet leads, which means the closing agents have to sift through less duds to get to the gold.

Telarus has also created a library of banners for you to use in addition to the GeoQuote plug-ins.

Enterprise Services: Ethernet, SIP, MPLS

While T1's have been our staple in the past, Telarus has recently released new sales tools that have enabled agents to begin quoting and selling upstream products such as Ethernet, SIP, and MPLS.

Ethernet 101 - Simply put, ethernet broadband requires a direct fiber connection between the customer and the carrier. This glass connection allows customers the ability to enjoy between 10 MB - 1 GB broadband speeds. Your customers can use this to connect to the internet or to connect themselves to other offices within their same company. Telarus has created a site for you where you can generate ethernet broadband leads:

SIP Voice Service - With SIP Trunking your customers can save money by connecting their IP PBX systems directly to one of our many VoIP providers via broadband. SIP trunks give business customers the ability to bypass the local telephone company's traditional analog (PSTN) network and connect directly to a VoIP carrier, often at tremendous savings. You can now generate leads for this service at the following URL:

MPLS Service - MPLS, or Multi Protocol Label Switching, is quickly replacing frame relay and ATM as the technology of choice for carrying high-speed data and digital voice on a single connection. MPLS not only provides customers with better reliability and increased performance, but can often decrease their overall costs through increased network efficiency. Its ability to assign priority to packets carrying voice traffic makes it the perfect solution for carrying VoIP calls. Telarus can now provide quotes from a number of carriers utilizing MPLS technology.


Upcoming Launches -

Over the next month you'll see Telarus launching more marketing sites. On the launch pad for July will be:


Stay tuned to find out exactly when these sites go live. Right now they are all pointed to test locations, so what you see now is just "filler" until the new sites are completed.

If you have any interest at all in creating an income from selling commercial Telecom ... simply register as an agent via this website: Commercial Telecom

There's no cost to you whatsoever to become an Agent .... and the potential earnings for you are awesome!

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