Monday, July 28, 2008

How Can A Wireless Mobile Device Save YOU Time & Increase Productivity?

Have you ever wanted to carry your PC with you? You can with a cell phone. With all the mobile solutions programs available for cell phones, the possibilities are endless. Being able to monitor and to respond to real time email, employee tracking and even unlocking real estate lock boxes. It all depends on the industry you work in. Most new PDA's carry Microsoft Mobile 6, which is just a mobile Microsoft program which includes word, excel, outlook and a host of other programs. Open software platforms from Blackberry to Palm allow you to write software specific to your business needs. The upstart cost of purchasing a PDA and cellular plan (including data) is the only drawback. But once you become acclimated to this powerful device, the only question you'll ask yourself is "Why didn't I do this earlier?”

In this case the mobile device in itself is less interesting. What is really interesting is the emergence of the vast number of new services that can be accessed through the mobile phone. The nature of the mobile device is action oriented, and the type of services that will have a great chance of succeeding are services that deliver on site value by helping users perform a certain task. The power of these services increases heavily as people gain access to high speed internet (UMTS, HSPA, LTE etc) access from their mobile device and context and location awareness is made possible through various technologies. An advanced mobile service will in many instances be able to help the user save a lot of time and increase productivity because it provides the user with a helpful tool in a given situation.

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