Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Virus Tips & Information Website ......

Tom Sparks has put up a site telling all about frequently asked questions concerning virus infections and how to fix them.

Knowledge is power - so bookmark this site.

By the way, you can email Tom with your questions, too.

Here's a good place to begin any query for help on viruses and other annoying internet pests - Virus Information

Here's an example of some of the helpful content .......

Q. My browser home page has been taken over by another website! Also, when I do searches I get taken to a website I didn't want to go to! What's up?

A. Your browser has been hijacked, and your computer probably is also infected with Spyware. You can clean these nasties from your computer with some software called Spybot Search & Destory, free from Kola

If you'd like more resources and information on the subject visit the "Technology Professionals" or similar discussion forums at the Ryze Business Networking Community. You can enter through my portal (remember to register once you're there to "see" everything .... it's free).

Ryze Business Network


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