Monday, June 09, 2008

Razr2 vs IPhone ..... Who Wins?

Diehard mobile phone .... or "smart" phone .... users seem to easily spin themselves into tizzy. Just ask them what they think of X vs Y .... for example Razr vs iPhone. Then stand back and watch the fire works.

Think about it ........

Does anyone think the "new" Razr2 helps motorola or is even able to compete against the IPhone? The new Razr2 retails around 250 to 300. Personally I think they should have taken the Razr off the market before Razr2 because the original cannibalizes the sales of the newer platform.

Why buy the new one for ~300 when the original is almost given out for free? Motorola needs to get away from the Razr platform and come out with something more innovative. They even fell behind Samsung for Pete's sake!.

That is a disgrace.What do you think it will take for Motorola to redeem itself and its one time market share and compete with the new IPhone?

My take .........

Sometimes giants need to stumble a bit to realize that they are not impervious to damage. And sometimes they fall and break a hip. However...

I feel the RAZR2 can only help Moto. Will it bring in buyers like the original? No way. Will it save Moto from being an also-ran, or worse? No, not on its own. Motorola has hopefully realized their folly and will:

a) educate the consumer that this is not simply the latest in a long stream of mildly tweaked and updated RAZRs - probably their most difficult task;

b) already be working on the successor to any and all of their new phones by the time they are released, no matter how successful they are.

And once the public realizes that the iPhone isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially as a phone, its sales are bound to slow way down. Then again, the original RAZR was a steaming pile of crap (in my opinion) before Moto made many key improvements, and it still sold extremely well.

By the way, the RAZR2 is not the same platform as the original AT ALL, it's only using similar nomenclature. There is value in brand equity, and Motorola at least recognizes this. Again, Motorola's task is to educate the public that this is not their grandfather's RAZR, and to use existing public awareness of what is the second best-selling mobile phone (behind the Nokia 1100) in history.

For the record, I doubt that the iPhone will ever come close to the original RAZR's sales because of the extraordinary price, and that I feel it isn't even all that good as a phone. Knowing Apple's track record, the iPhone's successor will be much improved, so you never know.

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