Monday, June 23, 2008

MagicJack Definitely Has Issues .... Buyer Beware

With all the hype and mad rush to get the new MagicJack ... it was bound to happen.

It was just too good to be true.

Yep ... customer service issues, billing problems, install headaches, and more.

To see what others are saying about MagicJack (good and bad) .... check out the discussions in the MagicJack Forum here:

MagicJack Forum

To get a background on just what Magicjack is ... if you don't know already .... read this article from US News & World report: MagicJack The Vonnage Killer?

But ... don't take too much of the "sales job" literally.

For example their advertising model just creeps me out. I wondered how the heck they were going to keep their price so low ... and still turn a profit. I guess I can now say .... "I told you so".

Interesting part, something I have always said I am opposed to....

"Borislow plans to make money by selling advertising, which will be displayed as part of the software that runs while magicJack is plugged in. 'It'll eventually become more of a portal,' he says of the software interface.

The company also reserves the right to monitor the numbers dialed to tailor those ads, which some critics find creepy. Rob Beschizza at BoingBoing called it 'systematic privacy invasion.'

Borislow responds that targeting ads based on user information is no worse than what Google does in tailoring ads based on Web searches or the content of E-mails in its Gmail system. 'We'll be doing what other people do in Web advertising,' he says, promising to protect user privacy. His software robots won't monitor the content of phone calls themselves. 'I'm not going to do anything to piss off my customers.'"

Well .... by the sounds of the buzz over the internet. There are definitely a lot of customers "pissed".

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have found a lot of reviews about magic jack here.

Also this Magic jack video is funny...

Take care.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We must all address our elected officials to investigate MAJIC JACK. They are a perfect example of legal dishonesty. Apathy is why things such as this continue to exist

7:58 AM  

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