Sunday, May 18, 2008

Podcast ..... Internet Security Threat Report

With over 1 Million identified Internet security threats, we've passed a 'Tipping Point', where instances of Malicious Code now outnumber legitimate applications.

In addition, trusted sites, such as Social Networks, are increasingly being targeted by hackers and identity thieves.

This week on 'The Connections Show', my friend Stan Relihan talks with Craig Scroggie, Managing Director of Symantec, about these issues, as well as some of the tools, tips & strategies users should be employing to ensure the safety of their personal information online.

Can you afford NOT to listen to this Episode?

Internet Security Threat Report

FYI - 'The Connections Show' is now #3 on the list of Most Popular Business Podcasts (ahead of BusinessWeek & WIRED Magazine) at The Connections Show

For more about Stan visit his Linked-In profile at Stan Relihan

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