Friday, May 02, 2008

Is A T1 PRI Right For Your Business??

When looking for an answer to your business voice network requirements don't get caught in a "sky is falling" panic. You have plenty of options that will do what you need without breaking the bank. One oft overlooked or forgotten option ..... T1 PRI.

Plus keep this in mind .... T1 still exists for PRI usage with VoIP developers.

PRI or Primary Rate Interface provides 23 (on T1) or 30 (on E1) channels for "transmission of voice calls". I won't go deep into details, but thanks to Fibre, VDSL2 and other long stretch forms of bandwidth delivery is theoretically obsolete for the purpose of data transmission.

If you're in need of a modern T1 equivilent, I strongly recommend SHDSL which can be multiplexed either on a cell level (ideal) or on a Multilink PPP level for increased bandwidth.

SHDSL provides up to 2Mbit symmetrical bandwidth which exceeds T1 and in a business line circumstance costs far less, even for guaranteed bandwidth. It's cheaper and easier to configure and maintain as well. Using a relatively low cost Cisco or Juniper device, it's even easy to hook up 32 of these lines together.

I have also heard that most phone carriers are looking for test sites for VDSL2 technology which would be ideal for any organization that is actually considering the use of T1.

But by all means don't rule out getting an actual T1 line. There may be applications where this does make more business sense.

You certainly don't need a OC3 bandwidth, which is obvious overkill. That may sound like common sense to you. But I've actually experienced smaller companies asking for OC level circuits because they are confused about bandwidth speeds and circuit size.

If a T1 PRI appears to be the right fit for your business voice network .... then I suggest saving yourself time, effort, and money in tracking down the right solution and provider by having an independent advisor do the heavy lifting on your behalf (research, design, provider comparison, negotiation, etc.). You can have all the leg work for you (at no cost too) here: DS3 Bandwidth


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