Friday, May 09, 2008

If Not DSL Or T1 For Your Business ..... Then What??

When you choose a T1 based product, you are also choosing a higher level of service and support over a DSL based product. T1 bandwidth (and it's larger TDM counterpart, DS3 bandwidth) are considered to be the standard means to deliver business class services for the incumbent carrier. This is really what you are paying for.

The underlying technology used to deliver the service is really less important. For small businesses, cost may be a primary factor in making a decision. As a business grows larger, the need for reliable service is often much greater. T1 to DS3 is the most common growth pattern .... although OC3 bandwidth is also a consideration for larger growth and applications.

There is a large move afoot within the industry to deliver traditional telephone services over packet based neworks along with data services. This model has not been completely embraced by the incumbents, primarily because of the revenue tied to the legacy T1 based business products.

The new products are typically Ethernet based and offer higher speeds for data along with telephone service. They may offer other features available due to the new network design (such as VPN). As a business, you can expect to see a greater variety of offerings of this type as competitive and alternate carriers seek to compete with the incumbent for this revenue.

For assistance in finding an ethernet solution for your voice / data network .... if that is the direction your business chooses to go .... you can get free help here:

Ethernet Solution


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