Wednesday, April 30, 2008

GSM Mobile Phone .... International Cell Phone .... Talk Anywhere For LESS

A GSM phone with the capability to make cell phone calls no matter what country you're in is becoming more and more important to a larger population of people. Not just with travelers for business or pleasure either ..... but students, military families, and more. The solution wasn't always easy even if you found one .... and often when a solution was found it was expensive.

Relax, there's no need to worry anymore. Now there's an easy solution that is very cost friendly.

OneSIMcard is a prepaid international SIM card that allows you to take your GSM mobile phone overseas, without incurring high roaming charges from your current wireless service provider.

It is VERY SIMPLE - all you need to do is replace your phone's existing SIM card with international SIM card when you travel. Save up to 85% compared with your regular mobile phone service and even receive calls for FREE in more than 54 countries. OneSimCard international mobile service works in over 150 countries.

GSM Mobile Phone .... International Cell Phone

For example if you are using a T-Mobile or AT&T cell phone, chances are that your handset is equipped with a SIM card. A SIM card is a small smart chip that acts as an identification card for your GSM handset. Your SIM card is smart because it can store phone numbers and even text messages. All SIM cards have unique serial numbers that contain your account information for your wireless service provider. You can take the SIM card out of your GSM phone, and it insert into any other compatible GSM phone, and bingo - your number along with your subscriber information will register with your wireless service provider. You may already own an original or aftermarket cell phone that you purchased while traveling overseas. If your phone is tri-band or quad-band, it is capable of international mobile roaming. All you need is prepaid GSM service and you're good to go to any of the 150 countries we cover.

OneSIMCard also offers the following at VERY real cost savings for you:

* International Mobile Phone Solution - Get this international mobile phone which you can use in 150 countries with the same global mobile phone number everywhere and enjoy deeply discounted international rates over your domestic carrier.

* International SIM Card Solution - Get a OneSimCard SIM Card that will provide you with international wireless service in 150 countries with one phone number no matter what country you are in at deeply discounted international mobile rates.

* International Rent A Mobile Phone Solution - Rent a mobile phone inexpensively and avoid a shocker bill. Stay in touch while abroad with OneSimCard. Rental can cost as little of $59, which already includes $20 of airtime.

* International Corporate Mobile Solution - Open a corporates account with and get a complete mobile phone solution with easy account management of individual employee mobile phone accounts.

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