Monday, February 04, 2008

AT&T DSL Prices Going Up!?

Surprise, surprise (in my best Gomer Pyle voice)! It appears that the Telco giant AT&T will soon be piling on an additional $5 a month for its DSL service. Apparently it has something to do with the recent outage of their 3G and Edge networks that affected many Midwestern states. They have to pay for those long overdue upgrades I guess.....with your money of course. :(

The comment in the Chicago Tribune which addresses this news states: "Most customers with AT&T's high-speed DSL Internet service will be charged an additional $5 a month, the company said Friday. The increase affects DSL plans, each with a different connection speed, that now have monthly charges of about $15, $20 and $25."

Supposedly, customers paying for the highest-speed elite plan will not see an increase ..... nor will those who have long-term contracts.

AT&T is claiming in a statement that popularity of video and music downloads as well as photo sharing and online gaming are behind the increase, citing the "billions of dollars [AT&T invests] each year to stay ahead of these trends" .... plus the current "market conditions".

That's just horse pucky.

Translation: We need these extra monies to make the stock holders happy....

It's not like they didn't make a profit last year anyway. Sigh....

Or....more like, "we've found that we can't make it on copper so this is to jump start our fiber roll out." LOL

Ya'll should note's Dave Burstein pointing out that "Total cost to the company for the bandwidth it delivers is about 1 dollar a month per customer. AT&T is raising its rates because it can. It has the market power to do so. Increased costs aren't the reason."

Now .... does anyone think that this increase will be passed on to their competitors who sell service through AT&T leased circuits?

In other words, would for example, DSLextreme who runs their lines through AT&T's infrastructure, also see an increase in costs associated with leasing lines from AT&T and pass that along as another "fee"??

I hope not......

At any rate .... if you'd like to excercise your right to say "enough is enough" .... I suggest you use this free online "look up" tool to find what's available for high speed internet in your area (cable, DSL, and satellite). This tool will search for available providers and compare them for you by cost. It's always good to have choices ..... and be an informed consumer.

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