Friday, February 29, 2008

The Importance Of Security In Business VoIP Applications

It's unfortunate that when evaluating business VoIP solutions few mention the word security except in the context of web-based administration. This could be a fatal miscue to your business.

Keep in mind that a big advantage of VoIP is you can have people working from home or on the road. When you're logging in, are the credentials passed in the clear? Don't just take the vendor's word for it, have you tested it using a packet sniffer? If it's a requirement, is the call data encrypted?

Here's a scenario to consider:

You have Sales reps using an open WiFi network at a coffee shop or at a hotel. The call setup information is unencrypted and the IP stream carrying the conversation is unencrypted.

Why should you care about either of these things? Two risks:

#1: Toll fraud. Someone can sniff that authentication information and impersonate your sales rep. Your switch doesn't know the difference. You might not know that the credentials got swiped until your bill shows up with calls to a lot of foreign countries or (if you're very lucky) your carrier calls you and asks why your calling patterns have changed so much.

Good luck trying to get credit for toll fraud. The carrier is going to tell you that they put access to their network in at your premises and it was your responsibility to control it. There's probably language that covers them in your contract and/or tariff.

#2: Confidentiality of trade secrets. Maybe it's a quick call to check on fantasy football standings. But it could also be a call to a supplier to see if they'll do special pricing on a deal. That call could also be followed up by a call to a sales manager to talk about percentage mark-up. An unencrypted VoIP stream may seem complicated but its trivially easy to reassemble and "record" the whole conversation.

The above scenario is just an example of many ways your VoIP system may be vulnerable. I'm not discouraging you from implementing a business VoIP system if it's right for you. I am encouraging not to thoroughly evaluate security implications and be prepared to guard against any potential issues.

For assistance in finding the right business VoIP solution for your business...including security considerations....take advantage of the free support offered by Business VoIP Solution.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How Much Bandwidth Does Your Business Need (T1, DS3, OC3)?

It doesn't matter what size your business is ... small, medium, or large. Having to determine how much bandwidth is needed for a new computer network, or upgrade of an existing one, is enough to make anyone break out in a cold sweat.

You can relax. Here's a simple guide to walk you through the minefield... and get you to the other side.

This should be approached from two angles - the first is to figure out where you are, and the second is where you need to go.

(1) Where you are - You need to have a sense of what you have now and how is it being utilized. Get an inventory of your current data and voice circuits. The monthly bills will give you a sense of call volume. You can ask your telecom provider for a report that will tell you max concurrent lines in use. This will be helpful to determine call volumes. For example if you have three PRIs, you may find that at times you have all channels in use at the same time. This could indicate capacity issues.

If you don't have any network monitoring in place, a tool like PRTG (cheap) or MRTG (free) can give you a sense of bandwidth and traffic type. Are people streaming videos all day long? Is it important for them to do so?

2) Where you're going - Once you get a handle of where you are, you need to understand what the business goals are for the next year or two. If they expect to add people, this means more capacity. If they want to improve sharing or data or extend systems across multiple locations, this may mean private networks. Adding more people? This means bandwidth and call volume may go up - especially if it is sales or customer support since they are on the phone more often.

As far as circuit selection, that is driven off what is available by providers in your area and how much does it cost for a term (12,24, 36 mo). Typically, you can get T1s just about anywhere, but you are limited to 1.5Mbps increments. This means you need more cards in your routers. After bonding 4-6 T1's it may be better to look at another circuit type. Check to see if ethernet/fast ethernet or fiber is available. These give you the most flexibility in increasing bandwidth as time goes on.

Based on circuit costs, I would not really go more than 36 months - 24 may be better. Also, go competitive bid if you can for services. If the LECs know you are looking for around, they will be more competitive in their pricing. If you'd like assistance with this just let us's what we do. Plus our services are no cost. Simply submit your request for quotes from multiple providers in your area here: DS3 Bandwidth


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Monday, February 25, 2008

Vonage And The State Of The Residential VoIP Industry

Considering their recent legal and customer service issues....Vonage did no favors to the residential VoIP industry. Neither did the untimely and messy demise of SunRocket. So just where do things stand now...and where may they be headed?

Vonage's biggest competition (and other independent VoIP providers) continues to mainly be the larger phone and cable companies, especially the ones that are bundling all of the various features (tv, internet, and phone).

Outside of the cable companies, and Baby Bells, I think right now there are too many companies to list and too many companies without a successful plan thrown in the mix (think SunRocket).

For budget VoIP, there are lots of options today still. However, the legal issues that hit Vonage will likely bankrupt any of the budget providers. Although there's a strength in numbers that reduces the odds of any major issues should that happen, unlike the SunRocket fiasco.

Right now the market is pretty much a free for all and too many people are jumping into the business without truly understanding it. E.g., "We have VoIP! It never works!" These companies don't do the research into networking. Any glitches on the network will affect calls, call quality, etc. They dish out mega bucks (SunRocket) and flunk out because they're so focused on solely one portion of it.

The common concern in VoIP applications is a flurry of issues from the home based segment: One Way Audio, dropped ATA connections, etc. If you really look at what is happening, specifically who is being used for the internet connection (e.g. Cable companies + VoIP = headache), and what equipment is used, you'll see a pattern. It's the internet provider not the VoIP service provide who is at fault in over 95% of the cases.

But the general public as a whole just doesn't understand this. Until they do it will continue to be an uphill battle for residential VoIP providers.

Far too many companies don't take this into consideration on the home segment. Think about Farmer John or Grandma Jane who know next to nothing about the technology .... calling your company for help that has nothing to do with you. "Your VoIP service sucks! Now I can't even get onto Yahoo!". As a courtesy you would help them even though their cable provider or ISP is to blame. So how do you offset costs from that?

Companies such as Cox, Comcast, Qwest, etc. are providing reliable service for a fair price and offer "all you can eat" packages with arguably descent customer service to boot. As companies such as Cisco further refine technology for the Cable/Carrier markets, more and more options are going to present themselves (such as DOCSIS 3.0 = 100Mbps +, etc), and the market for companies with the copper/fiber to your home are in a great position to control the experience and leverage existing business (think Verizon's Fios).

However, I would argue that wireless companies are in greater position to displace or contend with companies such as Vonage. Again, you have a company that owns the transport, technology evolving at an amazing pace (e.g. WiMax, etc), and now you have a mobile delivery that will get better with time. I believe that options allowing for mobility and a cheap delivery to the masses is incredibly important (who doesn't have a cell phone these days?), and I believe that if you own the delivery method, you are in a great position to provide cost effective solutions to the consumer.

Many arguments can be made about the current stability of wireless, but I'm optimistic that it cannot get worse :). In addition, many arguments can be made about regulation surrounding these markets and that too can sway arguments - but politics drive me nuts, so I digress. I'll stand by and argue that those in control of the delivery medium (wireless, copper, fiber, etc) are in the greatest position to provide good customer service, have the resources to ride thru legal issues, etc. because they have the benefit of an annuity stream .... and additional value added services should be a 'no brainer' for them.

With all I've said above...I'm still an advocate of Packet8 for residential VoIP service (and ESPECIALLY for small business VoIP solutions). If you want to learn more here's a link: Packet8 Residential VoIP


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Friday, February 22, 2008

How To Find A Nortel Networks Dealer Near You .... For Routers, Ethernet Switches, And More

If you need to find an authorized Nortel Networks equipment dealer in your's a convenient online tool to help you do just that. By following the procedure, the top 15 Nortel partners and dealers in your area will be listed.

Nortel Networks Equipment And Service

You can begin your search for a certified and authorized Nortel Networks Dealer in your immediate area using this free resource, which will only gather just enough information to enable the dealers in your area to get in contact with you directly to discuss your requirements .... and enable you to see if they can meet your needs. This is a free service that helps buyers contact the most appropriate (and nearest) dealer.

The search rating is based upon proximity to your location, exact product and service matches, prior customer feedback, and other factors. The Nortel technicians that appear in your search results have volunteered their information to VARNetwork.

The Nortel Networks dealers that have registered with VARSearch(tm) offer products including Application Switches, Avici Systems Core Routers, Business Policy Switch, Ethernet Routing Switch 1424T, Ethernet Routing Switch 1600, Ethernet Routing Switch 3510-24T, Ethernet Routing Switch 5000 Series, Ethernet Routing Switch 5510, Ethernet Routing Switch 5520, Ethernet Routing Switch 8661, Ethernet Switch 425, Ethernet Switch 470-PWR, Services Edge Router 5500, and Ethernet Switch 8100.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where To Find Low Cost Domain Names, Website Hosting, And A Website Builder

Here's a nice resource for anyone looking for cheap (as in low cost .... not low quality) domain names, website hosting, and website development. Everything all in ONE place. You'll find all of these at reasonable prices in this convenient online portal:

Low Cost Domain Names, Website Hosting, & Web Development

For example, domain names are $10.95 ... monthly website hosting starts at $7 (for 500 Mb) ..... and their website builder is $19.95 a month (including a 10 day free trial).

With domain names you can grab a .com, .net, .biz, and .info to protect your company identity. Plus you can register up 64 characters a-z, 0-9, and hypens for whatever doamain name you choose. Includes help finding a great name using their Domain Twist tool to take your ideas and give you new alternatives.

For website hosting rates range from $7 monthly for 500 Mb, $10 monthly for 2 Gb, $15 monthly for 4 Gb, and $26 monthly for 10 Gb-Ecom. Includes DNS service, Email forwarding, Secure Whois, URL forwarding, Registration lock, and much more.

The website builder includes ....

Complete Web Solution:

* Browser based
* No HTML knowledge needed
* Reliable site hosting
* POP email & forwarding accounts
* Auto-responders
* Site statistics
* Site marketing center
* flash & high quality graphic headers
* automated data backup

Customizable Site Designs:

* over 80 layouts to choose from
* customizable color schemes
* switch layout & design at any time
* graphic header generator w/flash
* title generator - choose fonts & style
* upload your own logo
* custom menu buttons
* font selection
* customizable page widths
* multiple header & footer styles

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Monday, February 18, 2008

How to Choose a VoIP Provider for Your Small Business

A variety of providers want to relieve your company of the burden of owning an IP PBX. Here's a very timely article on the subject for small businesses from Robert Poe of VoIP News . I strongly suggest you take his advice to heart if you want to remain competitive in today's marketplace. Further, I STRONGLY recommend that you consider Packet8 and their award winning packages for your business VoIP solution.

Packet8 Business VoIP

How to Choose a VoIP Provider for Your Small Business

These days, small businesses have to perform like big ones in at least two ways. First, they have to appear big to their customers. Second, they have to possess the communication capabilities and efficiencies of large companies. IP PBXes of one sort or another will surely give your competitors both of those benefits, and probably sooner rather than later. So if your company doesn't adopt IP telephony, it will put itself at a competitive disadvantage.

The hard part is finding the IP PBX that fits both your company's needs and its budget. That's where the choice between on-premise and hosted IP PBXes comes in. Going the on-premise route requires buying and operating equipment, while hosted means using VoIP service delivered from an IP PBX in a service provider's datacenter, with the calls transported over the Internet.

Using a hosted service can help you avoid some of the significant disadvantages of buying your own PBX. The most obvious disadvantage comes "if you have 10 people and have to make a $2,000 to $4,000 investment," said Infonetics Research analyst Matthias Machowinski. "PBXes have a certain base price, so there's going to be the up-front investment, and you have to manage it, too." Another disadvantage appears if your company is expanding rapidly. "If you don't know how big a company you're going to be a year or two down the road, if you invest in a PBX with 50 seats, you could outgrow it," Machowinski added.

Hosted VoIP, by contrast, allows a company to add just the capacity it needs at any given time. And if your business does go with hosted VoIP, it will have a lot of company. According to Infonetics Research, there were 2 million of what the research firm calls "IP Centrex seats "worth $1.1 billion in revenues in the U.S. in 2007. Infonetics Research expects the number to more than double to 5 million seats worth $2.5 billion in 2010.

Your business will also have a lot of choices to make. The range of VoIP providers varies widely. At one end are those that deliver calls over the public Internet. At the other end, some providers control the IP links all the way to your company's premises. The provider may actually own and operate those links, or it may buy them from companies that do. Public Internet delivery is obviously cheaper, while provider-controlled access offers more consistent quality. And there are myriad variations on the two. Here is a range of VoIP providers of all types to consider.

1. Aptela Inc.: This provider offers standard hosted IP PBX service with Internet delivery, starting at $19.50 per month, per user. Unlimited business packages for calls in the U.S. and Canada start at $39 per user. The Aptela Dispatch call-center product includes features such as auto-attendant, department ring groups, multiple call trees, call queuing, agent log-in and log-out, monitoring, and recording.

2. AT&T: The carrier's low-end product is CallVantage for Small Business, which offers one- to four-line flat-rate plans. Meanwhile, AT&T Voice DNA is the company's hosted VoIP solution for larger companies. The company's Flexible Reach service provides AT&T-controlled access to the customer premises for both businesses with their own IP PBXes and those using Voice DNA.

3. CallTower: This provider targets companies with 20 to 10,000 employees. CallTower can provide bundled voice — including local and long-distance service — as well as data service over dedicated T1 lines connected to its MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) backbone.

4. Cbeyond: Cbeyond provides T1, local and long-distance services as a package. Service areas include Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Houston, Los Angeles and San Diego. The company's BeyondVoice packages target companies with 4 to 200 employees and 6 to 30 lines, especially those in the health care, real estate and legal industries. Cbeyond can also provide mobile service on the same bill via its add-on BeyondMobile package.

5. CentricVoice: This provider offers voice and data services, with a basic hosted VoIP small-business offering starting at $29.95 per seat, per month. A premium service at $34.95 per seat adds find-me/follow-me features, a Web portal and several other features. The services uses Level 3 Communications Inc. transport and Cisco Systems Inc. equipment.

6. Covad Communications Group: The longtime provider of T1 and DSL services for small businesses also offers ClearEdge Pro hosted VoIP for companies with 10 to 250 employees. The service includes ACD (automatic call distribution), auto-attendant, call-group, click-to-call, find-me/follow-me and visual voice-mail features.

7. InPhonex: InPhonex offers Internet hosted VoIP with unlimited North American calls for $49.95 per month, as well as unlimited toll-free inbound and outbound for $54.95 per month. Both come with a fairly basic set of features, including call transfer and forwarding, available virtual numbers, and multiple rings.

8. Junction Networks: This provider offers SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) hosting, as well as hosted PBX and PSTN (public switched telephone network) gateway — SIP or IAX (Inter-Asterisk eXchange) trunking — services. Junction Networks' latest claim to fame is that it charges small businesses a flat rate plus the cost of PSTN-connected calls, rather than charging for each extension. The service is great for offices with phones in reception or other areas that seldom — if ever — need to make outside calls.

9. M5 Networks Inc.: One of the service-to-the-premises entrants, M5 Networks provides hosted VoIP delivered over M5-branded T1s with backup M5 DSL lines. It uses Cisco Systems networking and IP PBX equipment and phones, and Verizon circuits for carrying the traffic. The company focuses on the New York City market.

10. New Global Telecom: This provider offers retail, wholesale and white-label hosted Internet IP PBX services.

11. Packet8 (8x8 Inc.): An Internet-based hosted IP PBX service for small businesses, this offering has a particularly extensive set of features, including call-center functions and CRM (customer relationship management) integration. It uses Level 3 Communications' negligible-latency IP backbone to transport calls, but like all such services is still dependent on your company's broadband provider for the last link from the Level 3 Communications POP to your premises.

12. Speakeasy Inc.: Speakeasy has its own network, and it offers T1, DSL and business VoIP services. Speakeasy's complete solution offers T1 or bonded (a pair of coordinated) T1s, ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) or SDSL (Symmetric DSL), and three calling plans ranging from $19.95 to $29.95 per month, per employee.

13. Sprint Nextel: Sprint IP Voice Connect is Internet-based but transports calls over Sprint's MPLS IP backbone to ensure quality.

14. Verizon Business: Verizon Business Hosted IP Centrex is just one of an array of Verizon VoIP services that include SIP trunking for those companies with their own IP PBXes. The hosted service includes auto-attendant, network voice mail and various unlimited calling plans.

15. ViaTalk: This provider offers Internet phone service, with business plans starting at $29.95 per month for 1,500 minutes and unlimited North American calling at $35.95 per month, with plenty of options. ViaTalk mostly targets home businesses.

16. Vocalocity: VocalocityPBX Unlimited Extension starts at $39.99 per month, and metered extensions cost $14.99 per month, plus 3 cents per minute. Virtual extensions, virtual departments and virtual numbers are available.

17. Vonics Digital: SOHO Unlimited plans start at $34.99 per month, while Unlimited Plus plans ($44.99 per month) add a separate fax line with 300 minutes.

18. XO Communications: The network operator and communication services provider made a splash recently when it began pricing its VoIP service by bandwidth rather than number of lines. Its integrated VoIP services include local and long-distance calling — with Internet access and Web hosting on the same bill — and options such as auto-attendant and conferencing services.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

BlackBerry Pearl 8130 Amethyst (Multimedia Phone)

The super-slim, ultra-light BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is an excellent choice for your multi-media phone. Like all BlackBerry devices, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 provides possibly the best on-the-go email solution for mobile professionals. But the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 includes a good camera, a built-in music player, broadband data download speeds, and Bluetooth. And, best of all, this razor-thin BlackBerry weighs in at a scant 3.2 ounces, so it fits in any pocket or purse!

Highlights -

* 2-Letters Per Key Design Is Compact And Fast, SureType Predictive Entry
* Powerful on-the-go email solution when used with Sprint Power Vision Add-on Plan Features
* Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity
* Super-fast Data Download Speeds
* Viewer Software With Word, Excel, PowerPoint
* 1.3 Megapixel Camera and MP3 Music Player Built-in
* HTML Browsing For Full Internet Experience
* First U.S. BlackBerry With Built-in Voice-activated Dialing

What's In The Box With The Phone

Additional Items Included - USB Cable, CD-ROM Software, Wall Charger, Battery, Ear Bud

Advanced Features

* Digital Camera - 1.3 Megapixels (1280 x 1040 Pixel Resolution Max), Flash, 5x
* Digital Zoom
* Streaming Multimedia Support - Supports Video Playback of MPEG4 and H.263 Files
* MP3 Player - Yes, Supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB File Formats
* Attachment Viewing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) - Yes, Open Word, Excel and PowerPoint files attached to emails
* Bluetooth Wireless Technology - Yes, v2.0 With Headset, Handsfree and Serial Port Profile Support
* QWERTY Keyboard - Yes, Advanced SureType Design Is Compact And Fast
* Data Capable / Use This Phone As A Modem - Yes
* PC Synchronization - Yes, Seamlessly Synchronize Your Address Book, Calendar and Email With Your PC

Messaging Features

* Mobile Web Browsing - Industry-best Full HTML Web browsing, One-touch Access, Bookmarks, BlackBerry Maps Support
* Multimedia Messaging - Yes
* Text Messaging (SMS) - Yes, Plus Group Messaging
* Email Client - Amazing "Push" Real-time Email, Integrate w/ Up To 10 Accounts, Business-secure, POP3, IMAP, SMTP
* Instant Messenger Built-in - Yes, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk Pre-loaded

Personalization and Fun Features

* Polyphonic Ringtones - Yes, 32 Chords, Downloadable
* MP3 Ringtones - Yes, MP3 Real Music Ringtones Supported, Downloadable
* Ringer Profiles - Yes
* Picture Caller ID - Yes
* Games - Yes, Downloadable Java Titles
* Customizable Graphics - Yes, Downloadable

Core Features

* Color Main Display - 240 x 260 Pixels, Over 65,000 Colors Displayed
* Color - Black and Silver
* Style - Candybar
* Warranty - BlackBerry Factory Warranty
* Speakerphone - Yes
* Voice-activated Dialing - Yes, First BlackBerry Phone With Voice-activated Dialing Built-in
* To-Do List - Yes
* Standard 2.5mm Headset Jack - Yes, Stereo Support
* Alarm - Yes
* Calculator - Yes
* Calendar - Yes
* Mini-USB Port - Yes
* Vibrate - Yes
* TTY Compatible - Yes

Battery Life

* Battery Type - Li Ion
* Talk Time - Up to 210 Minutes
* Standby Time - Up to 360 Hours

Technical Specifications

* Application Platform - Java
* Platform / Operating System - BlackBerry OS with Intel XScale Processor
* Data Download Speed - EV-DO (Up to 700 Kbps) Where Available, 1xRTT (Up to 130 Kbps) Nationwide
* Network Compatibility - CDMA 900, 1800
* Compatible Carrier - Sprint PCS
* Ringtone Types Supported - MP3, MIDI
* Internationally Compatible - Yes
* Predictive Text Entry - Yes, SureType Predictive Text Entry
* Built-In Memory - 64 MB, Plus Online Photo Storage
* Expandable Memory Capacity - MicroSD Card Format Compatible
* Dimensions - 4.0 in x 2.0 in x 0.6 in
* Weight - 3.2 oz

Compatibility Features

* Device Supports Voice Plans - Yes
* Device Supports Blackberry Plans - Yes
* Available For Purchase Without Service Plan - Yes

To get your own BlackBerry Pearl 8130 multi-media phone .... simply visit this website. They make it VERY easy for you (including great deals to save you money): Cell Phone Deals


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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Business VoIP.... A Solution For What Ails You

Many businesses of all sizes are routinely searching for cost savings in their telecommunication uses. One huge area is voice .... or phone use. A particular direction many businesses consider is VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) .... also called broadband phone and IP Telephony. Simply put .... using high speed internet networks to transmit voice vice the standard old land line phone networks.

A smart suggestion for the small business is to apply a VoIP hosted PBX phone system solution such as the virtual office package from Packet8. This is an excellent choice for VoIP Telephony which is well proven by the numerous industry awards for this specific system earned by Packet8. You can learn more right here: Packet8 Virtual Office

For the mid to large business the best approach is to utilize the expertise available at no cost from Business VoIP Solution. This free service will research the best possible solution (cost, performance, capabilty) from amongst multiple providers available specificly for your intended use location(s). They'll also negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive the most cost effective answer to meet your requirements. See what they can offer you here: Business VoIP

Whatever size your business ..... the aforementioned solutions will defintely find you the cost savings you're looking for with business VoIP.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

The Top Ten Most Popular Cell Phones

Here is the most recent "industry" list of the top ten cell consumer popularity. Of course a list like this can change with the wind (and consumer fickleness). But this is it .... for right now anyway.

The list shows the combination of service provider and phone manufacturer. If you'd like to look up more on any of them go here: Top Cell Phones and use their search function (or just click on any of the providers/manufacturers they show and search that way).

1. T-Mobile
Motorola RAZR V3 Gray w/myFaves

2. AT&T
Motorola KRZR K1 (Multimedia Phone)

3. AT&T
BlackBerry Pearl (Multimedia Phone)

4. AT&T
Samsung BlackJack II i617 (Multimedia Phone)

5. AT&T
BlackBerry Pearl Red (Multimedia Phone)

6. AT&T
Motorola RAZR V3 Black

7. Sprint PCS
Motorola RAZR V3m Stone (Multimedia Phone)

8. Sprint PCS
Palm Centro Onyx Black

9. AT&T
Sony Ericsson W580i Walkman Black

10. T-Mobile
Samsung Blast w/ myFaves


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Friday, February 08, 2008

PC Help Desk Service .... Computer Support 24/7 For Home AND Business

Not having a computer support plan for your home or business computer is like playing russian roulet.

You know it's going to's only a matter of time.

What is "it"?

Could be anything....the "blue screen of death", a virus attack, software that won't work right, server shutdown, network problems, patch install name "it" you're bound to experience "it".

Besides the problem itself you also face the anxiety and expense of getting "it" fixed. Waiting is not an option. You need the problem resolved NOW....residential or business your PC is an integral part of your day.

Well now you can relax. You don't need an extra dose of high blood pressure medicine.... or to take out a loan.

What you need is a proactive/preventive maintenance and help desk service that takes care of your issues before they happen....for desktop, server, and software....and quickly fixes those that crop up out of the blue. You also deserve that service to fit your budget....not cost you an arm and a leg.

You're in it is:

Computer Support

Enhanced Communications INC provides live PC and Laptop telephone and remote support (24/7/365), remote management and anti-virus and anti-spyware software for the Professional Consumer - Small Office/Home Office (SOHO), and comprehensive support for Small, Medium and Large business networks.

The service covers such items as Anti-virus and Spyware software, scan, and removal....preventative maintenance, patch management, software and script deployment, asset reporting, server availability checks, server monitoring, server pack updates, server health check and analysis, 24/7/365 live telephone support via their help desk, and much more.

Plus.....this service is being offered at the phenomenal price of $39.00 per month per PC with a one time set-up fee of $39. Compared to other services, this is an incredibly low price! Not to mention that this type of service is generally only available to the small business with at least 5 computers to support.

This type of service is perfect for professionals that depend on their computers. Accountants, lawyers, sales people, and just about anyone that uses their computer for work need the peace of mind Enhanced Communications INC will provide. No matter what size your business....1 person self-employed or large company....this service is a god send.

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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

How To Get FREE PBX Phone Systems Quotes from Multiple Dealers

Finding a good Telephone System dealer in your area isn't as easy as opening up the yellow pages. But it can be even easier.

Here's a free tool you can use to search for major IP PBX Telephone System dealers in your immediate area. You'll be able to search and compare from IP PBX phone system manufacturers such as 3Com, Avaya, Inter-Tel, Mitel, Nortel Networks, Samsung. Tadrian, Toshiba, Artisoft, Cisco, Lucent Technologies, NEC Communications, Polycom, ShoreTel, TalkSwitch, and Vertical (Vodavi).

PBX Phone Systems

You'll get a list ranked in order using a "best fit" algorithm - which includes customer service surveys, product matches, and other search criteria. The equipment dealers listed specialize in the installation and sales of the most popular WAN and LAN routers, including the Cisco 801 ISDN/Ethernet Router, 801-1CAPI, 802 ISDN Router, 803 ISDN BRI/ETHERNET ROUTER, 4PORT HUB, Cisco - 803-20PK ISDN/Ethernet Router, 4 port hub 2 POTS, and the Cisco 805 Ethernet/Serial Router.

By the way .... the same tool can search for Network Equipment (Routers, Switches, Design, etc.), High-Speed Internet Service (T1, DSL, Web Hosting, etc.), Phone System Hardware (PBX, Extensions, etc.), Telephone Service (Long Distance, Toll Free, etc.), VoIP Equipment (Hardware, System Design, etc.), and VoIP Service (Backhaul, etc.) too. So take advantage of is free. ;)

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Monday, February 04, 2008

AT&T DSL Prices Going Up!?

Surprise, surprise (in my best Gomer Pyle voice)! It appears that the Telco giant AT&T will soon be piling on an additional $5 a month for its DSL service. Apparently it has something to do with the recent outage of their 3G and Edge networks that affected many Midwestern states. They have to pay for those long overdue upgrades I guess.....with your money of course. :(

The comment in the Chicago Tribune which addresses this news states: "Most customers with AT&T's high-speed DSL Internet service will be charged an additional $5 a month, the company said Friday. The increase affects DSL plans, each with a different connection speed, that now have monthly charges of about $15, $20 and $25."

Supposedly, customers paying for the highest-speed elite plan will not see an increase ..... nor will those who have long-term contracts.

AT&T is claiming in a statement that popularity of video and music downloads as well as photo sharing and online gaming are behind the increase, citing the "billions of dollars [AT&T invests] each year to stay ahead of these trends" .... plus the current "market conditions".

That's just horse pucky.

Translation: We need these extra monies to make the stock holders happy....

It's not like they didn't make a profit last year anyway. Sigh....

Or....more like, "we've found that we can't make it on copper so this is to jump start our fiber roll out." LOL

Ya'll should note's Dave Burstein pointing out that "Total cost to the company for the bandwidth it delivers is about 1 dollar a month per customer. AT&T is raising its rates because it can. It has the market power to do so. Increased costs aren't the reason."

Now .... does anyone think that this increase will be passed on to their competitors who sell service through AT&T leased circuits?

In other words, would for example, DSLextreme who runs their lines through AT&T's infrastructure, also see an increase in costs associated with leasing lines from AT&T and pass that along as another "fee"??

I hope not......

At any rate .... if you'd like to excercise your right to say "enough is enough" .... I suggest you use this free online "look up" tool to find what's available for high speed internet in your area (cable, DSL, and satellite). This tool will search for available providers and compare them for you by cost. It's always good to have choices ..... and be an informed consumer.

High Speed Internet


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Friday, February 01, 2008

....Don't Pay For Your T1 Router....

With the drop in the economy since 1999 came a drop in usage of network capacity. This spells opportunity for broadband buyers. Carriers are bending over backward trying to get people to use their networks. A few years ago hardware was something you had to worry about yourself. Today, most service providers are willing to throw in a t1 router line valued between $750 to $3,000 with your new service contract. Providers have become extremely competetive and one of the ways they are trying to attract customers is by making the start-up process as simple as possible.

Service providers have tried many different methods of attracting customers and simplifying the start-up process. Credit checks have been simplified, application paperwork reduced in size, and there are increasingly higher discounts available for new customers. The free router went from a special promotion offered to increase month end sales ..... to becoming a standard part of the product offering. It is now the exception to the norm to find providers that do not offer a router with their service.

If you're in the market for a new T1 service be aware that you should be able to get a router with your service. If the provider does not offer this service don't be afraid to ask for it ..... and if they do offer it make sure you get the best router possible. Remember, it's a buyers market and you will likely be able to add on a few "extra" when you get your new service. The best way to ensure that you aren't leaving anything on the table is use a broker who knows the service providers and knows how to get you as much as possible for you. My recommendation is the folks at T1 Bandwidth

If you're not in the market for bandwidth .... but are looking for a router (or network equipment of any kind) .... I suggest using the vendor search service at Find A Router. This free tool will search for certified and authorized Dealers in your immediate area from Cisco, 3Com, Extreme, Foundry, Juniper, Nortel, and others. Including new and used equipment.

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