Monday, January 28, 2008

Visec Security Software Video Surveillance System

What is Visec?

VISEC is an amazing computer program that turns your computer into a powerful security system. It's simple to use, and available for an immediate free trial download.

Visec can run on a PC 24 hours a day, even while you work on your computer. Use your existing computer and web camera and be notified to your cell phone, home or office when motion is detected. Log in from anywhere in the world, including your cell phone.

The VISEC program can be set to record all VIDEO activity, or just when motion appears. The program can email you when it detects motion and even upload all images to different websites. With the Internet, you can connect directly to your personal computer and see in real time, live and historical video. Visec even makes it possible to send out email alerts with surveillance recordings included.

This allows you to remotely whenever and whatever activity your camera captures. Visec utilizes a breakthrough in motion detection technology that incorporates complex and advanced algorithms (without the need of separate sensors) allowing an operator to just record only when motion is detected, saving you time and the cost of continuous recording as in traditional CCTV Systems.

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