Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Real-Time Ethernet Lookup Tool

More and more today's businesses are looking for ethernet as part of their IT infrastructure bandwidth solution (e.g. Metro Ethernet, GigE, etc.). This makes business sense .... especially in today's economy due to the cost savings combined with increased transmission speed. However, in order to make this happen for your company .... you need to know where ethernet is available in relation to the location you want serviced.

Accomplishing the necessary research used to be an arduous task .... but no longer. You now have access to a real-time Ethernet lookup tool ..... which can locate lit buildings from XO, Level3, Cavalier, Time Warner Telecom, MegaPath, Nuvox, Telnes (and more) in just seconds. With a tool like this at your disposal, you can make faster more accurate network decisions ..... AND save money.

Find Gigabit Ethernet In Your Area


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