Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How Do You Determine Your Business Bandwidth Needs?

One approach to determining your bandwidth needs is to conduct the following four-step analysis:

Determine baseline usage..... First of all, measure current network utilization levels and traffic patterns. Network performance management software can monitor and measure network activity levels, report this data in easy-to-interpret formats, and help estimate future demand. However, avoid conducting quick baseline studies that don't measure traffic patterns for a full business cycle-it may be necessary to measure activity for an entire quarter. Without collecting data for a full cycle, you may not capture all the information you need.

Benchmark competitors..... Compare your utilization levels and traffic patterns with your industry peers or companies with similar business patterns.

Perform modeling/forecast analyses..... Using your findings from the baseline and benchmark analyses, determine technology requirements under various scenarios by using modeling programs. These programs enable you to test alternative bandwidth solutions, estimate relative costs, and decide on the best course of action.

Assess your processes..... Process assessment involves determining how to optimize the performance of your network(s) and ensure cost-effective bandwidth utilization. Often, the most important aspect of network and systems management involves process assessment rather than purchasing additional technology.

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