Monday, November 05, 2007

Telarus VAR Program .... Huge Income Potential For Value Added Resellers Of Telecom Equipment And Services

All right folks. This is simply too good to pass up.

You know I've been trying to open your eyes to the huge potential you have as a VAR for telecom equipment and/or telecom services ..... by aligning yourself with the Telarus VAR Program.

The Telarus finely-tuned engine continues to set records on the telecom race course. The VAR (Value Added Reseller) program is continuing to move forward with more VARs being added every week. The Telarus VAR program represents a virtual "no brainer" for telecom equipment and services providers .... who are currently spending a small fortune for luke-warm leads and ineffective PPC campaigns.

One very key point is that all you do as a Telarus VAR .... is generate a customer lead (for bandwidth). Telarus "closers" than make the sale for you .... and provide lifetime support for that customer too. The heavy lifting is done by the closers (highly trained technical sales and customer support staff). You market the bandwidth products ..... Telarus does everything else. Or ..... you can simply swap bandwidth leads for telecom equipment and services leads. So, you can see that a little effort on your part can mean a good amount of free customer leads for telecom equipment and services .... and/or increased bandwidth sales if you choose ..... and some very big paychecks.

For example, the new Ethernet tool is generating some great sales. [ See Ethernet ] The tool allows the closers to see where the customer is located in relation to a carrier's lit building and do some "suggestive selling". There was a recent customer who was looking for a bonded T1 line, but the closer noted that the customer was very close to a lit building and was able to get a contract signed for an Ethernet circuit. The benefit to the customer was much more bandwidth than he originally requested (which was dictated by his budget), and the benefit to the lead agent who brought the lead in is about $200 more in revenue and therefore also in commissions ... every month ... for the next 36 months!

Telarus is closing some very large bandwidth sales, and not just with Ethernet either. Comparing some of those sales to a T1 is like comparing a 2008 Lexus to a 62 VW. And in terms of commissions, it is like comparing a plastic piggy bank to a lock box in Fort Knox.

If you have not yet gotten in tune with how you can be a part of this revenue stream which continues to grow every month, you are encouraged to see what Telarus can do for you. Get involved and understand how to take advantage of the swap of hot leads .... or direct support for marketing and closing bandwidth sales. Telarus will help you get your share of this booming market!

For more info on the Telarus VAR program check here:

Telarus VAR Network


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