Monday, November 19, 2007

How To Find High Speed Internet For Home Or Business

If you are looking for high speed internet access for a home or business .... here's a few resources that will help you find EXACTLY what you need.

* To find the best options on high speed internet for a home (residential) location .... use this handy tool: High Speed Internet. You'll be able to search and compare the available providers of DSL, cable, and satellite internet access in your immediate area. {note: this tool is for residential only .... not business applications.]

* If you're a small business needing internet access for data and/or voice applications using a T1 or DS3 line .... than take advantage of this free resource: DS3 Line. You'll get a comparison of available T1 and DS3 providers covering fractional, full, bonded, point to point, and so on.

* If you're a medium size or larger business and are interested in DS3, OC3, MPLS, or ethernet solutions for your data and/or voice network needs than use this tool: OC3 Line. You'll receive no cost help to find the best fit bandwidth solution for your particular business applications.

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