Friday, November 23, 2007

Explanation Of An OC3 Broadband Connection

While a majority of internet users worldwide know the distinction between such common phrases like dial-up, broadband, Cable, or DSL, there are few internet users who are familiar with OC service. While there are many different types of internet services including T1 lines and T3 connections, the most common OC (which stands for Optical Carrier) speeds are OC3, OC12, OC48, and OC192. While only the most pressing technological needs would call for a network system running on OC48 or OC192 connections, there are many small to midsize businesses, especially those with remote program servers and graphics engines or those who provide hosting or database services, who have already converted to, or would benefit greatly from converting to, an OC3 Broadband network.

So first off, what exactly is an OC3 connection? How does it differ from more traditional networking solutions? Primarily, it is a fiber optic cable network that conforms to the SONET standard, a type of administrator system developed for this type of network. The OC3 has many benefits, including ultra-fast connectivity for critical internet needs, and burstable bandwidth from 50 megabytes per second to 155 megabytes per second available from a variety of the most common providers such as AT&T, Qwest, Sprint, MCI/Verizon, and Level3.

OC3 connections are, much like T3 lines, available in Burstable configuration. The benefits that an OC3 Burstable connection provides make sense for business owners. A Burstable connection not only improves efficiency by making use of the highest speed connection of our time, but also increases flexibility: with OC3 you can choose the level of bandwidth that fits the needs of your business, and you can order extra bandwidth at any point you deem it necessary. OC3 service also maximizes every particle of bandwidth available and significantly quells inefficiencies in the data transfer process using Packet Over SONET technology, an incredibly exclusive packet software that transfers large files with amazing ease and speed.

A fixed monthly cost that is primarily based on port speed, not usage, and can help your business to manage its billing more smoothly, as well as often times saving you money since it's lowest cost per megabit. With an OC3 line, there is increased accessibility for your employees and customers because the necessary amount of bandwidth is provided, rather than a lower level than should be taken into consideration. Besides this, the sales of your business or company can be increased by wildly improving the quality of access between your organization and the customers who visit you online.

For a speed and data transfer rate this is undeniably the fastest in the industry, consider an OC3 connection, which is over 100 times faster than T1 and 20 times faster than T3. If you are looking for more information on which bandwidth providers provide OC3 connections and setup in your local area, visit OC3 Bandwidth , a free comprehensive service to assist you in finding the right solution at the best pricing.

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