Monday, October 22, 2007

Tips For A Small Business VoIP Solution

Small companies are increasingly choosing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) hosted business phone packages, like Packet8’s Virtual Office, instead of conventional telephone systems. VoIP can mean a lot more than just savings to a small business. The greater versatility of hosted VoIP allows each business to tailor a telecommunications package, regardless of geography, specifically to meet its needs without spending heavily on equipment, installation, maintenance or an IT staff. All that’s needed is a broadband connection and the Virtual Office service to create a low cost, high feature, professional telephone system for companies with as few as three employees in the same office, region or spread across the globe.....

For bigger companies an Enterprise VoIP solution is likely necessary. Generally speaking this will require a larger deployment of equipment and some degree of onsite installation and maintenance. Although this can often be negotiated into the support aspect of the provider contract. There are a number of quality providers available and it's best to compare so as to ensure meeting the exact needs of your organization. In other words "all Enterprise VoIP is not created equal".

For more information on the small business solutions from Packet8 go here:

Packet8 Virtual Office

For no cost assistance in finding an Enterprise (large business) VoIP Solution ..... including comparison of available providers in your specific install location .... go here:

Business VoIP


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