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Cell Phone Deals....Great New High-Tech Cellular Offerings From Cognigen

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Great New High-Tech Cellular Offerings From Cognigen....

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should understand that cellular is HOT in today's world. It is difficult to find anyone under age 10 who does not have a cell phone these days, and this is a market that you can capitalize on.

Remember, you can offer cell phones and cellular packages from the major wireless providers. If you have a "credit-challenged" customer, you can also offer several pre-paid wireless options to them, which are much more cost effective than the wireless options available at 7-11 or similar outlets.

High-tech devices are all the rage. A cell phone that can play MP3's, watch video, create and respond to IM (Instant Messenger) conversations, and send and receive email are the hot products right now, and you can offer them all. It goes without saying that the cell phone has a built-in digital camera with outstanding picture resolution, since all cell phones except the very lowest offerings have this capability today.

Two of the hottest high-tech phones right now are the Sprint Mogul and the T-Mobile Wing. Both are PDA's (Personal Digital Assistant) as well as cell phones, allowing you to keep track of contacts, your calendar, appointments, and also having a real keyboard that can be used to enter information and send/receive emails.

All of the wireless cellular providers have a wide range of cell phones, depending on what your customer needs, ranging from a very basic cell phone that simply makes and receives phone calls, to the top end models such as those featured above, which are an entire personal organizer in the palm of your hand.

Remember that you can also offer DATA services from our cellular providers. This is a card that plugs into the PCMCIA port or USB port of a laptop computer, and allows the user to get highspeed Internet service through the cellular carrier. In more than 200 major metro areas across the country, the speeds are very respectable where this service is available, as much as 700-800k down and 300-400k up. These services are available from AT&T (Cingular), Sprint, and Verizon. For someone who needs this level of connectivity and cannot accomplish it with a Blackberry or smartphone, this avenue is a tremendous boon to them, and very affordable, especially if the customer is already a cellular customer of that provider.

Be sure with the data services that you get the right card for your customer's laptop. Most of the newer laptop computers do not have a PCMCIA slot anymore, so you will need to get the USB version of the card.

Let your customers know what you can offer and let them know how you will keep them informed with all the latest technology in cell phones and cellular plans, which can all make a huge difference in your commission checks!

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