Monday, August 27, 2007

How To Choose A DS3 or OC3 Bandwidth Provider For Your Network Application

Deciding which DS3 or OC3 bandwidth provider will best serve your network architecture requirements can be a complex process. Consultation during this process can be invaluable. Especially, if this consultation is unbiased, free, and without obligation.

[Note: DS3 is also known as T3] provides free consultation.....and because we are the authorized agent for all 20 of the top DS3 and OC3 providers in the country (US only), our advice is without bias. Other than our goal to ensure that the customer receives the best possible service, for the best possible price, we do not favor any one provider over the others.

As we assist customers to determine which provider will best meet their network infrastructure needs, many factors are considered. Four of the most important of these factors include customer application need, proximity of the customer to the provider, provider perception of competition from other providers, and type of services offered by the provider.

DS3 and OC3 prices are significantly affected by the distance the customer is from the facilities of the provider. As a general rule, the closer the customer’s business is to the provider’s point of presence (PoP), the lower the price will be for their DS3 or OC3 service. The farther the customer is from the PoP of a provider, the higher the price will be. For this reason, DS3 and OC3 service can be very expensive in rural isolated areas.

Regarding price.....if a provider perceives that the customer will only be talking to them, or that the customer is unaware of the provider’s competition, then their prices can often be from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars a month higher than they would be if the provider perceives that they are being compared to a competitive market.

All providers which we represent understand up front that their offerings and prices are being compared to all other major providers, in real time, and on the same easy to read quote chart, with best prices listed first.

For this reason the same provider who might quote much higher if you go directly to them.....will often provide much more competitive quotes when they quote through us. This means it's to your advantage to have us working for you....where your best interests are always at the forefront.

It is also important to note that there are several types of DS3 and OC3 service. These include such categories as data (internet), local (local phone service), long distance voice, integrated, bonded, fractional, channelized integrated, dynamic integrated, and point-to-point.

The type of DS3 or OC3 service which will best serve you will depend on the specific needs of your other words your intended network "application". Most DS3 and OC3 providers will specialize in a few of these types of DS3 and OC3 bandwidth solutions, and some cannot offer all of them. We'll know who and can sift through that maze for you.

Unfortunately, if you are working directly with a provider, and they are not able to provide the service you need, they will often attempt to convince you that you need a service they offer. In other words....providers are commonly biased toward the services they offer, rather than impartially recommending a service your company may actually need.

Until the development of our patented comparison tool, discerning which providers could offer the best prices for the service needed was an arduous process that could involve weeks of research. With our tool and process however, any customer can obtain real-time comparative service availability, and pricing, for the top 20 DS3 and OC3 providers in the US within seconds.

With, you simply list the product you are searching for with the address and phone number of your business or install location(s), and instantly you are provided availability and comparative price quotes. With no obligation to buy.

To take advantage of this service for your network application(s) visit our website:

DS3 and OC3 Bandwidth Consultation

As mentioned earlier......our consultation is free, unbiased and without obligation.


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