Monday, August 13, 2007

Comparing DS3 Bandwidth Service Providers....Cost & More

When researching the best fit to meet your company's DS3 bandwidth application requirements....the process can be extremely frustrating, costly, and time consuming. Too often it entails individually contacting each provider in your area of least that you know of. Negotiating "in the blind"....not knowing exactly where you can push for a better deal....also puts you at an extreme disadvantage. Plus not knowing for sure if the package they offer you will really cover your specific application needs. The entire effort can take days, weeks, or even months to find just the right solution.

But there is an easier way. MUCH easier.

Simply identify your requirements and installation location(s)......providing the details here:

DS3 Bandwidth Service Provider Comparison

[note: Please provide complete, detailed, and accurate information. Incomplete or bogus RFQs will be ignored.]

You'll automatically receive instant real time rate quote info via email (1st cut preliminary assessment)....comparing multiple providers available for the specific location(s) designated (sorry, US locations only). We'll follow that up immediately with personal contact providing more unbiased detailed research based on your detailed comments.

At a minimum the providers covered will include: ACC Business, Aire Spring, AT&T, Broad Sky Networks, Covad, Level 3, Megapath, New Edge Networks, Network Innovations, Nuvox Communications, One Communications, Power Net Global, Qwest, Splice Communications, TelePacific Communications, Telenes Broadband, Time Warner, UCN, US LEC, and XO. Others will be included depending on the location and your intended application.

We'll be in immediate contact to discuss the details, help determine exact application parameters and needs, confirm the best pricing available, and assist with the acquisition process. We'll negotiate on your behalf, ensure the best SLA (Service Level Agreement) and QOS (Quality of Service), do the paperwork, monitor provisioning and installation, and even run interference for you with your chosen provider for the life of the contract.

Our services our free....and we guarantee our efforts. We'll find the best Tier 1 solution for your project/application.....whatever it is. The entire process is done FOR you. Saving you time, effort, money, and headaches. NOTE: you can't get better pricing than we can get for you....even if you go directly to the provider yourself. We guarantee it!

Take advantage of this no cost service...and make your life much easier.

DS3 Bandwidth Cost Comparison


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