Monday, July 23, 2007

Part II Of.....Why Do Businesses Prefer T1 And T3 Bandwidth Connections?

There are many prevailing issues that make the determination for DS-1 and DS-3 necessary. Unlike most of the rest of the world, the United States has yet to truly embrace digital phone service as a whole. The vast majority of Ma-Bell's network (and most phone companies in the US) are all predicated on old (traditional) phone service. Ma-Bell doesn't want to incur the cost associated with upgrading their infrastructure to allow for a pure (cleaner) service of digital communication.

For instance, in the Chicago, IL area the likelihood of having lines replaced that would support clean service is next to impossible. A collegue had a project (in Chicago) where he needed to upgrade an OC-3 redundant service for a facility. Because of Ma-Bell’s lack of enthusiasm to proactively upgrade service availability to the area the main facility was located, the project took over nine (yes, 9) months. The largest part of the delay was waiting on them to install new fiber circuits to the area. It wasn’t an issue of there not being enough available fiber to support the service in the area, but rather the lack of foresight that prevented the service from being available. After a construction cost of over $500,000 US, the service was finally available to be installed. Once they had completed their construction, it only took about 15 days for the actual installation.

Another example of Ma-Bell’s lack of foresight is a site that the same collegue is dealing with currently. The location is actually in the “Technology Corridor” for the Chicago area. This is a small client that really doesn’t want to be out the cost of a T-1 level service, but services such as DSL or Cable are not even available to be utilized. But you can sure get a OC-3 installed in a matter of a week around there.

This is just a couple of examples of how come traditional services of DS-1 and DS-3 are so readily available and when you “need” something out of the normal offering, you better have a really good case to support the stuff or else Ma-Bell isn’t going to do anything.

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