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Review: T-Mobile Dash Cell Phone

The Tmobile Dash is the upgrade to the Tmobile SDA. It adds a QWERTY keyboard and if you wish, an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6. The phone is a sturdy phone with a smooth skin. It has a big screen for watching movies and a loud speaker to listen to music. You can install plenty of applications onto the phone (considering they are Windows Mobile Capable). The screen is good and vibrant.

Here are some Specs:

* It's a GSM Quad Band Phone,

* The screen size is 320 by 240

* It's a pretty thin phone,the phone runs on a 200 mhz processor but you can over clock it to 240MHZ for better use.

Some pro's and con's of the phone are......


* Windows Mobile phone

You can install Google maps on it. With the proxy settings, you'll be able to access it and use it perfectly. You'll also be able to connect google maps to a bluetooth GPS device to use your Dash as a GPS.

You can install Dash weather where you can constantly check up on the weather from any place in America. It has a radar and other fun features.

You can also I install Pocket Super nintendo so you can play some classical oldies. Set up was a breeze and you'll enjoy playing Super Mario and flaunting your phone to anyone.

* Big Screen

The big screen allows you to watch movies in landscape mode. You can install TCPMP(windows mobile app) and be able to watch movies in most formats (3gp,avi,mpeg,etc) with this program in full screen. The screen's quality is very impressive and you'll enjoy watching.

* Loud Speaker

The speaker is loud enough for you to use this phone outside. When you're outside, you should never miss a call with this phone. As a matter of fact, you shouldn't even need to put the volume on its highest setting to hear the phone.

* QWERTY keyboard on smartphone

The QWERTY keyboard is only a plus when texting or going online. You likely will be able to enjoy your phone even more with the simplicity of the keyboard. A feature you may be quite fond of is where you won't need to press "Alt" to access the symbols on the keyboard like most phones are. You simply hold the button for longer and poof! You'll get an exclamation point without pressing anything extra. This feature will come in handy once in a while. Although the keys are jammed together, they are actually not that hard to use.

* WiFi

WiFi on this phone is very nice. you'll be able to connect to a router without trouble..... and surf any website on it without it disconnecting. What you'll particularly like about this Wifi, is that it will give you a list of routers of which you can choose. Furthermore, it says if it is protected or not, which is a plus.)

* No buttons the side,except volume

This is good for holding the phone. With a program called Jogger, you can disable the side keys and make this phone that much better to hold and use.

* Memory card accessible without removing battery

Most phones make you remove the battery to remove or put in the memory card. The Dash however, lets you remove memory cards by simply removing the battery cover and swapping them.

* Very thin for a smart phone

This phone is very thin and very comfortable in your hands. It does not slip out of your hands and you'll really enjoy holding it to use it.

* Bluetooth compatible with A2DP

Having this feature is very nice!

* QUAD Band

You'll be able to unlock this phone and use it with different providers without coverage problems, a plus!

* Internet Explorer

This Internet Explorer is very nice to use. Not only can it go on most websites(Myspace included), but it can also have a desktop view. Just like you see it on your computer. The EDGE T-Mobile has is very nice to have and use. The internet isn't the fastest, but it's pretty fast for a phone.

* Improved COMM manager

With the improved COMM manager, you can basically turn on and off any wireless feature on this phone. This is a plus because with a push of a button, you don't need to search through millions of settings to turn something on.

Now the SoSo's/Cons:

* Windows Mobile phone,

(lol) Windows Phones aren't the most stable. They are nice, but still have their problems. For example, when closing a program, the program still doesn't end. You have to go to task manager and end it there. Although this is annoying, it also makes the phone work much faster without freezing.

* Camera

The camera lags and is slow to react. The quality isn't the best for a 1.3 megapixel, but it passes. You should be able to take some nice pictures with this phone, but you may like your RAZR camera better.

* Call quality

Call quality is something you could complain about. The volume is too low on the phone. You need to plug in the headphones to hear the other person clearly. The headphones are very loud though. The volume buttons are pressed a lot by your face when you're talking, even when they're deactivated.

* Battery for calling isn't the greatest

The battery for talking lasts about 3 hours. You'll probably be annoyed talking on the phone. For example you charge it wnever it says it has a low battery. Which seems to be often. Getting an extended battery should help.

* The volume strip is annoying when you're on a call> It changes by just a touch. So when you are holding the phone,it goes lower. The volume strip not only doesn't work to its full potential, but it also has a mind of its own. Touching it makes it choose which volume it wants, ON ITS OWN! I recommend disabling this feature.

* Not that good for TXT use, a bit slow in my opinion to type something. Although, you'll probably like the keyboard, you may find yourself making a lot of mistakes.

All in all, this is a very good phone. You'll enjoy using it and won't get bored with it as quickly as you may with other phones. You'll like the thinness of it and the durability of it. You'll also like that it turns heads. This phone is a keeper for anyone wanting it for light use e.g. music, video, calling, internet, ...or heavy duty use meaning using it to its fullest potential, e.g. Mobile Excel, Calendar, Power point, Etc.

I highly recommend this phone for anyone's needs. It's easy to use,not bad on the eyes, and a pleasure to use.

For a little help finding a T-Mobile Dash that includes the best provider plan in your area visit:

T-Mobile Dash

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